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Smmer Sausage Q-view

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Ok, here's the deal I smoked around 55 lbs of summer sausage. My camera messed up and I lose some of my pic's, but here is what I got.

I took 30 lbs of ground chuck and 2 8+ lbs pork butts , I ground them together 3 times to make sure they was mixed and ground enough. I added my own seasoning and some jalapenos and some high temp cheese. I stuffed half of the batch. And I added a good amount of SLAP YA MAMMA to the other half. I TRIED to use some snack stick sheep caseings. Lets just say I ony got 5 of the stuffed before I used some hog caseings. The new stuffer worked VERY GOOD " I love that thing"

If anyone has any tip's on useing the small caseings PLEASE pass the along. I soaked them how the package said ....but it didn't work..life and learn.

Like I said the pics are not the best
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Helluva good show, meat-man!

And I agree with Ken on the collagen casings! Much better for the project and the product.

Keep up the great work and excellent posts!

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looking good and ya the collagen-for sticks-but i prefer natural.
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You didn't say what your problem was with the sheep casings, but I'll guess that it was with them bursting. If so, it was from over-stuffing. You have to make sure the casing is pulled out toward the end of the stuffing tube and use minimal pressure to hold them back as the meat comes out of the tube.
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nice bunch a sausage!!! i agree with TH tho on the collagen casings for the summer sausage, i use 2" myself, they come with one end already secured and a lil hanging loop attached. i have a "hog ring" pliers which i use to put ring on the open end after casing filled and twisted shut. you can also tie off with some heavy butchers string.

as far as the sheep casings not sure what prob you were having, maybe forcing them on too big a tube or over filling. but the sheep casings are very thin and i like using them for snack stix and weiners. nice seein more sausage makers!!!!!
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