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Cold Smoker Question.

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I have a Char-Broil electric smoker that I purchased for $30 and the thermostat went out. New thermostat is another $30 and I really want to get a Masterbuilt 30" anyway so I will not relplace the thermostat. But, I was wondering if I could use a small hot plate in the Char-Broil for a cold smoker? Any recomendations on wattage of a hot plate? Will it get to hot?
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I tried using a hot plate in my horizontal (specs below in my sig) with it in the firebox and it still generated too much heat. I was trying to cold smoke salmon below 80deg but the hotplate kept the temps hovering between 100-110deg.

I then tried this method:


and it worked like a charm. Put the smoke generator right in the smoking chamber below the salmon and had no heat issues. I highly suggest going this route.
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I like that - that's very clever. Only problem I've never seen or heard of smoking pellets in the uk.
I'd be tempted to try that in my outlaw if I could find some :-)
Might be a lot cheaper than running the bradley, certainly for small runs.
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I bought my pellets on eBay from this guy:http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/kensmo...k_W0QQ_in_kwZ1. Perhaps he will ship to the UK. (though his listing states shipping to US only) Contact him...it's worth a shot. Happy (cold) Smoking!
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