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First FATTY attempt "Cracked Down the Middle"! w/Q view

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Well my first FATTY did not go so well, rolled a pound of Hot Jimmy Dean Sausage way to thin and stuffed it full of a mixture of hasbrowns, sourcream,onions and seasoning and it split right down the middle, but it was darn good.

Getting ready to start, she ain't pretty...

Stuffed it way to much.....
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DD the sliced pic looks real good! The blowout don't mean squat to the taste!
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That looks delicious! Next time you can use 2 pounds and roll it out a little thicker. I like twice as much anyway wink.gif .
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I always thought they wrapped em in bacon (tight) to keep that from happening. looks good and I bet she tasted great also..
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Looks good to me......Blowouts are a bit nerve wrackin but,If it was good.......WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also,Coyote had it right when he said bacon does help to kinda keep em together...Still looks like ya did a fine job to me.WTG
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Hashbrowns, sour cream, inside smoked sausage .. holy yum!!!! The blowout didn't look that bad and it looked pretty darn tasty! Glad ya gave it a go, hope the next one turns out just as well.
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good looking chow...ya gotta chew before eating it any way....good on ya... done my first fattie(neaver heard of them till joined here) neaver hear of a ABT before here,,,,this old dog is learning new
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Looks great. More smoke flavor IMO.
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Cool! Ya goot smoke on the taters too!
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Kinda looks like a loaded baked potato, but in reverse! Still looks yummy, and the blowout looked pretty contained too.

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Looks great. Love the close up pic. YUMMY
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looks just fine!!! that blowout dont mean squat..... its nice when they all stay nice and put together but every once in a few you prob gonna roll a splitter. no biggy eats the same!!! great job!!!
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