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Newbie From Texas

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Newbie from Texas. I have been smoking/burning meat in BBQ cook-off around Texas for 15+ years.
I have had pit for 2’ dim 4’ long to pits 4’ dim 16’ long. I gave up cooking cook-off about 5 years ago. Just did not have time anymore. I still do some cooking for benefits.
We just cooked for a benefit this weekend. We cooked 6000LBS of skirt steak, yes I typed 6000LBS.

Well I have never heard of Fatties until I checked out this forum. I’m trying my first one today.
I will post pictures later.

Tracey In Texas
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Welcome Tracey. Sounds like you have some good experience to share. Man thats alot of meat!!!!!...Looking forward for some good Q-View
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Welcome aboard
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Welcome to SMF! Sounds like you've got a handle on smoking. Glad you already found something you haven't tried.
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Welcome to the SMF Tracey. Take a look around, lots of info here.

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Glad to have ya with us, Tracey. Welcome to the SMF Family! Sounds as if you'll have plenty to share with us with that experience under your belt biggrin.gif !
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Welcome to the SMF, land of the enchanted FATTY.
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Tracey, Welcome to the SMF. 3 TONS of meat for a benefit. Wow.
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welcome to the SMF! Your experience will be most welcome. Looking forward to seeing your first Fatty post!
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Tracey In Texas
Glad you joined us, welcome to SMF !!!

6000 lbs. of meat, man did those eaters benefit !!!
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3 tons of skirt?? Seems the cattle population of Texas noticed THAT one LOL! Welcome to SMF Tracy!
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Welcome Tracy wow what ya cook 3 tons of skirt on and how long did it smoke?confused.gif
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Thanks for the warm welcome.
Sorry that was to be 2000LBS.

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Darn Texans. Stories are deep and long and smeared with sh**. Just kidding, sounds like a whale of a time. Hoping they let you drink some cool ones to get that amount of smoke rollin'.
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A ton of skirts.. that's gotta be at least 200 tons of plates! Anybody ever cure and smoke plate beef? (It's the beef version of bacon). Used to do a bunch of it for some Rabbi's in town, corned some of it for them too. Even just sliced and fried it's good too!
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