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New smoker from Manitoba

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Hi everyone.

I'm a 43 year old married father of three teenagers and I've decided to get into smoking. I homebrew my own beer as well (in fact, my grains are mashing right now) so smoking meats is a nice complement to the brewday. I've read your terms and agreed to them but if it weren't for the common sense comment, I'd wonder at the 'American bashing' that isn't allowed. I'd expect that bashing anyone's country would be frowned on but I can only assume that rule was inserted to address a common problem. In any event I have a fair bit of common sense so I'm sure I'll have no problem playing nice with my American friends.

I picked up an electric smoker for $20 at a yard sale and other than a few repairs it's ready to go. I threw some ribs on it last night on a spur of the moment and while they turned out good, my wife and kids thought the mesquite was a bit much. I'm a newb so I have a bit to learn to get things right. This looks like a good resource for that.

I live in the country so I can see this hobby really taking off. I have a large metal container that was once used for bulk smoking so if I gain any skills I'll be set to turn that behemoth into a very nice stationary unit. My wife tells me I tend to really go overboard when I adopt a new interest, so I imagine you'll be seeing a lot of me. For now, I'll have to read and study as much of your old threads as I can.

See you around the forums.
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Glad to have you. You've come to the right place to learn. Check out the free 5-Day eCourse lot of good basic info including woods. You can find it on the left sidebar
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Already done. I got my first issue last night on meat selection, but I have to say, choosing meat is not an issue with me. I raise my own chickens and turkeys, get paid in beef to rent my land, and I get a huge discount from the local Hutterite colony for pork. I do a lot of computer work for them. Last night's ribs were payment for a corrupted explorer.exe file. biggrin.gif
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That's good but you'll find some other good info you'll be able to use wait it out
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welcome to SMF. glad u found us-sounds you'll fit right in here.
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Welcome to the forum! Any smoking question you have will be answered here. Lots of good information on thie site.
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Welcome fingers, what a great way to get paid ....Meat....well what a great combo just smoke it....have a great resorce here lots to read and post...some Qview
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Welcome to SMF...sounds like ya got a good deal goin' for quality meat! And I'm from Michanada...LOL! Soo...don't sweat the American bashing. Any of that goes on, us members take care of that before the admin here has to lift a finger PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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welcome to smf from minnesota!!!! been to your fine province once bear hunting!!! any questions just ask some one always here. also ck out the free ecourse!!!! cant wait to share a smoke with some qview!!!
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Welcome to the forum from Ontario.
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