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Gordo De desayuno(spanish breakfast fatty)

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I wanted to try a mexican fatty. I realized I dont like breakfast sausage sausage enough to eat all the fatties I want to make. So I wanted to mix mexican chorizo with ground pork and a bit of ground round for stabilaty. Problem was I love the eggs inside as well so I said hey why not do both.
So im calling this one "chorizo and eggs" Maybe ill watch midnite run on reruns while I eat it.

I used all the chorizo, allthe pork and only 1/3rd of the beef.

I cooked the eggs thin like a wrap, seasoned them heavily with ground corriander and black pepper.Homefries with a bunch of cilantro

wrapped it up in the egg then onto the sausage topped with a few slcis of ham for added support.

now its rolled and in the smoker. Nothing much to do but wait and see.
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That's a manly breakfast my friend. lookin' forward to the Q view.
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what rich said.........but no mention of the cheese, i THINK thats cheese, that you are using...........can't wait for the q-view
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Oh sorry, thats montereys finest.
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Parece muy bueno, qué tipo de queso tú utilizó, y estás cocinando el chorizo antes de rellenarlo?
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Push # 1 for english, Beep
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yup exactly!!!! whatd he say???? lol

WilliamZ, u have done it again that looks great!!!
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No no, the chorizo is mixed in with the ground pork raw.
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Looks good bud. What cheese you using. I used to haul milk to the Marquez brothers cheese factory, (large mex cheese fact) in San Jose CA, anyway they have some good stuff.
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OK 2 for 1! LOL! Nice looking tho, William. Just love the bacon weave!
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Good stuff, just needed a bottle of louisianna hot sauce and I was ready to go.

Got a butt in there too.Of course.

goos stuff.
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What model smoker is that, I know it has the Bradly smoker biscuits.
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its the digital bradley
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That looks like good stuff.Wife just seen it and guess what my next fatty is gonna be?........lol
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Looks YUMMY, the only thing missing from that chorizo and egg fattie is the CORONA biggrin.gif lol!
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push 2 for disconnect
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He said it looked great and asked what type of cheese he used and if he cooked the chorizo beforehand.
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he said i believe.....in a earlier post........monteray jack
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Great looking fattie William..keep um cuminPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Wow.. looks great. Send that to Dave for his 'book'...
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