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Tepuila lime Turkey breast tenderloin

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Alright, what do you guys think would be better to smoke a Tequila lime turkey breast tenderloin? Hickory or mesquite?

It weighs between 1 1/2 lbs and 2 lbs. Anyone have smoking time and temp suggestions?

Thanks for the help!
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I agree with Texas-Hunter. The only thing i do different is once i foil anything (unless i have something else on the smoker) i finish off in the oven..I'm cheap and do that to save fuel..good luck
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i perfer hickory for turkey let us know outcome.
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Ken's directions will lead you to a great smoke. Be careful with those things ... the sodium content is through the roof and even when it's smoked it can turn out pretty salty ...

Looking forward to seeing/hearing how it turned out!
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Shoot! I meant to take a picture of my finished smoke. Well, it turned out pretty good! I'm going to use mesquite next time though. The hickory and lime didn't go over 100% with me but that was my opinion, everyone else loved it though.

I'll have'ta start posting pics when i'm finished!!
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Please do, we love pics.
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I always cook to temp not time...Ken is right cook to temp and foil..time is just a guess temp is always .02 cents
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