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Hello from Tennessee

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Hello SMF,

I just signed up and made my donation to this wonderful site.

This past Fathers Day I received a Chargriller Smokin Pro and I've been smokin' every weekend ever since.

Our favorite is Baby Back Ribs and whole chickens.

This site is a great place for information and I still have a lot to learn so off I go into the forums.....

Thank you SMF,

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welcome to the site, there is alot of great info on this site, good luck
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Welocme to the SMF, glad to know you're experiencing some good smokes and Q!
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Thank you skinsfan75....I appreciate it.
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welcome aboard-glad u found us
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Thanks richoso1.....I appreciate it.
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I'm glad I found this site too.....I appreciate the welcome desertlites.
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Welcome, Stop by chat and vist some time.
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Welcome to the site! This is a GREAT place to get info. I have the same grill...have you heard of or made any modifications??
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Welcome to SMF you can find anything you need to know about lots of great people..glad to have you join us
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Thanks flatbroke....
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Clayton, Welcome. Glad you made it in. These forums have a ton of info.
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Thank you tpicki....

I've read about the modifications for the Smokin' Pro but I haven't done any of them.I've been able to turn out some very good food without the mods.

The Smokin' Pro is a nice size for our Family but I'm already saving up for something bigger;we may try building a pit...not sure yet.

But the Pro is definately worth the money so complaints.

I've done six smokes so far and 4 have been great and I have so much more to learn.

Looking forward to participating here.
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Thank you flyin'illini....

This is the best smokin' forum on the internet.

My first smoke wasn't so good but my second and third were great so I started thinking I had it down but then my fourth smoke was a disaster so after reading some things here my last two smokes have been great.

I still have so much to learn and I appreciate being able to come here for help.

Thanks again flyin'illini........
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Welcome to SMF (Smoking Addicts, but were not by any means anonymous about our addiction), sounds like you fit right in !!!
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Welcome ,good a brinkman pro...'with a few mods and some other many choices so little time...he he
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Welcome aboard the forum.
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Welcome to SMF. Great bunch of people here and they have a lot of knowledge .
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