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Prime rib and fatty!!

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Here's some pics of my 7 lb. prime rib and fatty that I'm cooking up today on the 22" Weber with the Smokenator 1000. The fatty has sauteed vidalias, red peppers, poblanos, taco cheese, along with a sprinkling of Penzey's Southwest spice and wrapped in bacon:-)!!
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Very nice, I am curious to see how the PR comes out, I want to smoke one for the next family gathering.
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Here's the finished product... the prime rib was awesome with the horseradish cream sauce!! The fatty was EXTRAORDINARY!!! I actually liked the $4.00 fatty more than the $75.00 prime rib!
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Thats a good lookin dinner plate, great job.
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jonny..........did you let the fattie rest any?

prime ribs looks fantastic btw.............
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Yes In DEED! That looks awesome, beautiful rib roast there...Outstanding looking grub!
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Nice lokking grub there Jonny..kudosPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. That looks mahvellous! what temp was the PR when you stopped??
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wow, beautiful looking Prime Rib. Bet is was yummy as heck. Thanks for sharing the q-view. =)
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I let the fatty rest for 1/2 hour and it was really great!!!
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I let it go to 145 and it had to rest for an hour until my daughter got here. It was done just a hair more than I wanted (I'm blaming that one on my daughtericon_smile.gif). Next time I'll go to 135 and let it rest.
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Excellent looking food. Sure the fatty and the PR tasted great!
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I know this topic came up in a thread the other day but how do you like the smokenator. My brother in law has been kinda interested in one. Just wondering your opinion on it
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I LOVE the Smokenator!! It is an awesome addition to the Weber grill, and the price is right around $50.00. I can keep my temps right around 225 for the duration and only have to put more charcoal in every few hours. BTW, I only use Wicked Good Briquettes... they burn a longggg time with little ash! Also, if you wanna grill indirect just leave the water out and you'll get higher temps!
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Thanks for the feedback. I have shown my brother in law the smokenator website and he really liked it. He is thinking of getting one, but he also wants to get a bigger grill w/ offset fire box. Thanks again for the info
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To give the prime rib a little extra kick and enhance the flavor (IMO) throw some seasoning on each side and sear on cast Iron for 45 seconds both sides. Helps to cook/caramelize some of the fat and gives a nice finished taste
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