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UDS, plan B

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My UDS, made with most of cheap Big Lots/MacFrugals Kettle grill

I took the bottom of the grill and sliced off the outside 7" for the ash catcher...

Just in case anybody was thinking about this, it DOES NOT WORK! a hot plate will only get this thing to about 130 degrees... Plan B (which was part of plan A) is charcoal fired, I'll be putting together an expanded metal charcoal bin and smoking wood basket tomorrow.
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I've been using a hot plate in mine for a while now to smoke salmon. Works great.
Nice set up.
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I agree plan A might be great for cool smoking and plan B for hot smoking it would be great to do both in it. Good luck and don't forget to keep us updated.
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Plan B's charcoal basket is now done, I have to adapt the ash catcher to fit how this thing came out, I split a 24" x 24" expanded metal grate down the middle and welded them end to end in a torpedo shape, then I took the bottom charcoal grate from the cheapo kettle, and bent it in a "V" to fit it... I figured more surface area and the hot coals would head towards the center as the briquettes turned to ash. I enhande the eges since the picture made it hard to see:
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The goofy shape will make it easier to lift out past the bolts that stick inside the smoker to hold the grill up.

I'm going to start another post with my first brisket, but here it chugging along at 220 in the rain, under a window awning on my cluttered porch.

I added toolbox latches to the lid to hold it more airtight
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cool set up !! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif been thinking about those latches for my offset. did you take those off a tool box or can you buy them ??
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Ace Hardware, you don't need to buy the toolbox to get them... get 4, the flimsey steel the cheap lid is made from doesn't want to stay down without extra... I have a vise grips on it now, and I've got a few of those big spring clips you buy (or steal from work) from office supply.
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