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Brisky on the drum

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Having a brisket attack!!

Nice point, rubbed with mustard (going for some barkage) and covered in Divemaster's Brisket rub (thanks)
Put on the drum with some RO and Mesquite chunks!
No peek cooking......no spritzing, no foil, done when it looks good!
Stay tuned......

By imn88fan

By imn88fan
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Jeeeez Bubba yer taking all the fun outta it! ;{)
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Looks great. Let us know what time you are serving dinner.
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PDT_Armataz_01_26.gif Is that a bottle opener I see on the side a dat drum ?Sweet ! Another idea I can steal !! Like the hooks too .Drum on.
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Looks good so far..looking forward to finished product..Nice UDS also..don't look so ugly though..smoke on!!
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Nice hunk of beef there, and a beautiful lawn in the background!! I'd be popping beers and enjoying the TBS with that scenery ... can't wait to see the finished results!
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Think I'm the only one with a "Ugly" Drum Smoker.

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How hard is it to regulate the temp in the Drum. How do you add more wood when it burns low?
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Looks good Mr Drum King biggrin.gif
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Regulating the temp is easy. They are known for 10 - 12 hour smokes.
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Well, got workin around the house and forgot the drum!!!

Not a problem, cruising at 238* for 3 hrs now.....cool.gif

You'll never need to refuel, 8 lbs of charcoal will go 12 hrs plus!! biggrin.gif
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Nice, I think I need to figure out how to make one of those, They look cool and very maintenance free apparently. Any plans available. Could a person use Oak wood instead of Charcoal with the same results?
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6 hrs later, still chugging at 230 ish, Point is 197 and passes the probe test.
Into foil until dinner!

By imn88fan
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Lazy bones... ;{) Nice ...now I KNOW where the beef is!
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Nicely done PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

I have to give a compliment on the bottle opener as well....
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bubba..........i thought with a drum, being direct heat, you needed to flip the meat every once in awhile.........least what at read at the breathren....you know, that short story, starting to become a novel, at over 80pages, thread.........
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Some do, i have a solid 24" to the grill so never have needed to.

Bottom is a tad darker but not worth flipping.
I see a lot of guys with grill marks on their food, i think the heat just gets away from them sometimes. biggrin.gif
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Hey Bubba not trying to highjack you thread but I will have to say Cajun that is an UGLY drum..but hey if it works who cares right? That would be my feeling..Sorry Bubba..Where's the Q-View Bubba?
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It works ... wink.gif
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DUMB ME. Iwas on the wrong page..Sorry :-(PDT_Armataz_01_16.gif
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