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2.5 lb. Fatty with View

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well, i've got a fatty prepped for tomorrow, and i know how y'all love q-view so... this one was inspired by geek with fire. i also have 4 birds that i'm going to do at the same time, all on an ecb!!! modified of course.

-bulk pork sausage with sage
-seeded tomatoes and fresh basil
-caramelized onion
-parm "shake on"
- s & p

i just converted to propane for some good "lazy-que". the thing is, propane will allow me to be MORE productive, as i can spend more time with my side dishes or just wash my car.biggrin.gif

i must have talked to Ed from for about 20 min... what a nice guy. i picked up some wood too. here's some mes-en-plas.

peach and pecan repectively. i'll send out more view tomorrow after the smoke.


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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif cant wait to see the qview tommorow , lookin good !
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Looks like a great start!!
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Looking good so far! Can't wait to see the finished product.
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Nice lookin' fatty! hey do you use that much wood per load? I guess I have not worked with propane, but that would be too much in my WSM, unless I pre-burned it. Interesting...
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I like the coffee can idea for the wood...that's something to keep in mind. Thanks for the idea!

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Great looking ingredients for the fatty, love the $5 size reference.

Good luck!
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Not sure if it's too much wood or not, as this is my first propane smoke. in liu of your comment i think that i'll start with less, though. any suggestions on which wood to lay down first? i have hickory, pecan and peach.
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Looks like your off to a good start...............Nice looking setup on the smoker...............
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Lookin good.
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Shoe-horned everything on there. that's about 25 lbs. of meat on an ECB!!!

now... just relax and sip some beer.

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Now thats a FATTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Dinner time!!!

used hickory, pecan and peach, rotating alternately. i also rubbed it with shaker parmesan before it went on. it was amazing... definitely stole the show.

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