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Mophead Smokes His First Pork

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Mophead here thouht i would smoke some pork.

i'm camera shy but i could be bribbed by a can of orage soda (family show)
here's around 7 lbs of boneless pork tenderloin --looks yummy

here i've cut it in half. then rinsed and patted on a handful of TQ and a handful of brownsugar to each side.
placed in baggie-boy it looks yummier.-over night in frdge.
what's that you still want to take my picture? ok ----for a case of orange sodas.

i rinsed them off and here i've placed them in my GOSM w/mod.
what's that you have a case of oragne soda? yippie

we'll it took a little longer to load it up than i thought.
and the spring handle--well it srung. nuts.
now i'll have to watch it come back to temp.

hope that stays a temp.
well that its going guess i'll check out the tv and have an orage soda.

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Mophead Smokes His First Port-pt. 2

time to check. isn't she pretty?
she's smokin' hot!!! (LOL)

it's cooled off a little i'll sit and watch her smoke awhile.

it's been several hours and who's counting the orange sodas.
wow i can't wait for it to cool. i'll blow on it some maybe that will help.

yep that did it now i've sliced it and lad it out.

Now it's time to sample it. WOW WOW WOW. it's so jucy and flavorful.

can't just sample a bite, have to eat the evidence.
how tender and melty.
did you just call pork melty?
yes i did.

all that hard work has paid off. i'm tired think i'll make sure the fire is out.
the kitchen clean and hit the sack.

time to hit the sack. what you can't take a pic in the dark? oh well just..close... your..........yawn eyes. gnite.
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i don't care who you are..thats funny right there.......good job and good job on the sucessful smoke..
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Way to go Mophead! And with no hands...that's amazing!icon_smile.gif
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Hmmmm , one a dem long hairs ayy ? so k , we still take kindly ta yer kind round deez parts.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Lookin good ! use a little orange soda spritz on there ?
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Looks great mophead tell that big goof assistant to get ya another soda biggrin.gif
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Heh! Nice looking loin there- And get a haircut! ;{)
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Mophead you the man errr mop good lookin vittles. have another orange pop on me.
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