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How do Dungeness

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A buddy is going and was wondering how well they freeze after cooking. Most likely they will be vacuumed sealed. Thanks wink.gif
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Only way I ever get 'em here in MI...solid as a rock.
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I think as long as their vacumed sealled they should be okay frozen. It's the thawing process that can screw them up. Make sure to thaw in very icy water & you should be fine. I've try never to freeze my crustaceans unless absolutley necessary. Of course I work in South Boston,so I only get sea food if I'm making it that day (or weekend).
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Thanks for the info guys wink.gif . I never froze crab always ate it fresh or within a couple days. I'll relay your thoughts. Thanks again
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I thought all crab had to be kept alive, or cooked from a live state to save the meat? Otherwise they would release a poison that would ruin the meat. Only way I have ever had crab was frozen precooked. Of course I am from michigan and we don't have a lot of oceans near by lol. That being said I wouldn't hesitate to freeze it after you cook it.
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crab is brown alive. when you buy those frozen one in the store that are redish pink. they are cooked and froze. but i cant tell you how the process should be done though.
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black lab

the crab will freeze great for 3 months after that it starts to get a off flavor vacume sealing is a great way to freeze your crab you should try smoking some of the crab meat i did mine at 225 for 30 min in a heavy smoke it turned out great good luck i have trouble keeping crab around the house for a week let alone 3 months
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Everything i get here in Okla, is precooked and frozen....keeps well i dont know how long cause we thaw and eat,,,,lol
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Dude, that was FRESH crab not pre cooked, YES?
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