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Chuck Underblade w/ Qview

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Well, I have yet to attempt any beef, and after I saw a thread from Reddog, and advice from Geek w/ Fire, I decided to try. So I went out this morning and got a cuck roast. I bathing it with Beamish, brown sugar, garlic salt, S&P and chopped onion. I plan on mopping it with the bath.

Got the meat from BJ's

For the bath

Going to soak it over night. I also injected it with some Beamish.
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Are you going to attempt to pull it? This is the chuck my butcher reccomended for pulling, so I will be following this thread, as I have two of them in the freezer.

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I'm not sure yet. I read that this was good for pullin' but I think I'll just see how it comes out & decide then. I'm pretty flexible either way.
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It will be good either sliced or pulled. I just found out there are 7 types of chucks and have done several of them to find out some pulled, some partial pulled and some didn't pull at all. Either way they were still tasty. PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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Good luck brother keep us posted
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Brine looks really good. Didn't notice a fat layer on it, how lean was the cut? May want to wrap some bacon around it to give it some fat ... IMHO PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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I'm 3 hours in to my smoke. I reduced the marinade and have been mopping it every 45 mins. Temp is 151. I'll take a pic next mopping.
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Sounds good. Waiting for the pics.
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Ok here's the beef. temp is 153. 3 hour 20 mins into. When should I take it off? 175? Higher?

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175 would be good for sliced beef. Not sure if you removed it sooner, it may still be alittle on the tough side. confused.gif
Looking forward to your report.
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Yum, that's a good looking smoke right there. Can't wait to hear the results. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks awesome! I wanna se sliced pics!
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