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I want to Thank everyone that helped me out with this brisket, there's no way I could've pulled it off without all your help. smile.gif

Cut the flat yesterday after the ball game, (Go Rays!!) nice and thin and made some great sandwiches, nice pink smoke ring and very tender. Going to cut and pull apart the brisket tonight and portion it up. Anyhow I'd say my first brisket was a success but with room to improve. I'll get some Qview tonight and post it tomorrow.

Thanks again everyone.
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Sounds good!
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Congrats. Good job hanging in there for the long stall. I'm sure you were well rewarded for your patience.
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Rays swept my hometown Tigers... I wanna celebrate with some brisket... what's your address again?
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Congrats on the brisket. I'm sure all the time you spent really paid off in the end. Can't wait to see the Qview.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great play by play biggrin.gif
Great place this is to find folks up at all hours to help you out cool.gif
Great job , looking forward to finished pics PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Here's a pic of the brisket sliced and plated. Sorry for the bad photo but my camera battery must be going bad, so I had to take it with my phone. It looks like bacon but it tastes so much better, very tender, lots of flavor, but not over smoked. I have the point end in the slow cooker/warmer and making pulled beef for sandwiches.

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Heheh have her park near the end of the drive!biggrin.gif

Hehehe, My tigers have handed your rays a nice sweep, You deserved the first win, we refused the offerings to give us the game in the second, and after Cabrara hit the ceiling in the 3rd game, I thought we had it mad for at least 1 win, but i forgot about Rodney. Holy crap, I thought he stopped that kids heart with that 95 mile an hour pitch to the sternum. Hope he is alright. There is a reason why your team is winning and mine is sucking, because its baseball, not hockey!!!
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Looks great congrats on a fine smoke and I'll bet after tasting the girlfriend now understands PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Capt Dan, she had turned her steering wheel in the garage to see if she could see a nail in her tire, then forgot the next morning her wheel was turned, then backed out of her garage quickly, you can probably figure out the rest.

That hit to the chest was the most painful thing I've ever seen and heard, OMG, the whole place just fell silent, but he's going to be okay.

Pineywoods, she agreed it was worth the wait, especailly after the day we both had, but still though I was nuts for cooking until 4am, and I have to kind of agree. I think the point meat in the slow cooker is going to be another good eat. I forgot to cut the fat off after I pulled it out of the oven at 4am Sunday, so I'm slowly reheating it and everything is crumbling nicely.
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biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif Great job solar!!! Points for stickin it out and research. Seen your posts pretty much everywhere. Hope ever smoke is better than the last. SMOKE ON BRO!!!!biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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Thanks for the comments Gene, I tend to over reasearch things, and even though my brisket came out really good, I think my late start and newbie status with briskets hurt me a little. I'm still really happy with the end results, but I probably won't do another brisket until later this year.

This weekend smoke is going to be salmon and shrimp, as much as I enjoyed hanging out and tending the fire for 16 hours last weekend, I'm looking for a maxium 3 or 4 hour project. smile.gif
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WTG, sounds like it all worked out. Great smoke.
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Your first brisket can be alittle overwelming!!! Keep it up and don't let it get the best of ya. Great job keepin it all together!
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Try some boneless country-style pork ribs as well. It's almost like doing a shoulder in a third of the time. Very nice. I've got a thread on it can do them at the same time and get your s'uthern BBQ on. If you're serving salmon and shrimp, one rib per person would be just fine.

Edited to add:

Here's the thread:
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Thanks for the idea, I might just do that, I figure since the smoker will be going, might as well use the heat instead of letting it burn out.
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