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10:36 temp at 169° almost ready to foil.
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So much for getting ready to foil.cool.gif Looks good though.

She's stuck, so I threw some Pearls in A Blanket on there for a really late night snack.

Yummy. PDT_Armataz_01_26.gif

I'm in this for the long run, I doubt I'll get to eat any brisket tonight, but the scallops will tye me over. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Looks good got enough beer to hold ya?
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Em stil typingn ok areent eye? PDT_Armataz_01_05.gifbiggrin.gif My friends and I have put a pretty good dent in the supply though.... and I killed the battery on my camera. icon_rolleyes.gif

I'm in the major stall mode right now, even the neighbor cat got tired of hanging out with me, but I'm going to get through it, the scallops should be done soon.

My GF thinks I'm nuts right now and says the brisket is done.... ignorance is bliss. smile.gif
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12:30 still in stall at 170° just foiled it, it's been almost 3 hours now, this temp stall thing can be a bit maddening.PDT_Armataz_01_11.gif
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Yes but my best meats have had long plateaus. If its foiled now it will start moving for you
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I foiled it, and I'm barely at 176°, started to question my therm, so inserted a dial gauge; confirmed, this is stall, I'm running out of beer. biggrin.gif
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LMAO I told ya you needed more beer. It should start moving then it will go pretty quick. Hang in there the g/f will understand when she tastes it. They just don't get it until they eat it the first time.
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Oh God, I'm still stuck at 176°, beers holding in, cooking temps around 225°/235°, GF thinks I'm nuts, must, hold on..........PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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How long has it been stalled? You could bump the temp up to about 250* heck after foiling I often put mine in the oven at 250* and quit feeding the smoker fuel.
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Still stalled at 2:42 am yikes

Yeah, I broke out the big guns and added lots of heat to the fire box, still as I type it rose to 178°. I'm running temps on the left @ 250° and right @ 235°.

I'm starting to doubt my cook area therms, ( though I have two in the meat showing the same temp) I guess I have to realise that I am cooking a 12 lb piece of meat. PDT_Armataz_01_29.gif
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Yes a large piece of meat and and it takes awhile I would not go over 250* with the smoker tho. Tell the g/f if she hadn't tried to park in the living room you'd have started earlier so she has to stay up and keep you company biggrin.gif
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It's 3am, beer still holding in, but now may want coffee. I'm still at 180° I'm using the last of my lump to go for it, 24lbs of lump for the day, eek, but, I just pre-heated my oven just in case.

I refuse to let this brisket get the best of me. PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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Good luck with the rest of it I'll check for the results later I don't have enough beer so gotta get some sleep biggrin.gif
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I hear you loud and clear; me need sleepy too; thanks for all the tips, I think I'm almost there (god i hope so). smile.gif
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hate so say it, but i'm humbled, thought i could get the brisket to the magical 190° on the SnP, finishing in the oven now,..... i think i know how to use a electric oven......

on the good side, the brisket smells and looks great
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house smells nice, still have hope it will turn out alright,

good night
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Removed it from the oven last night at 185° then wrapped it in towels and put it in a cooler. Wow, still almost to warm to touch!! I just tried a piece and it's melt in your mouth tender, I think I have a winner. smile.gif

Very tired, going to Rays game, will be eatting some beef after the game.
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Sounds great did you get Qview of the finished product for us?
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Same thing happened to me. I actually had two different plateaus (but I was sort of expecting that since I wasn't really keeping the temperature stable and I let it drop a bit during the middle part).

The second one was at about 170 - 180 about 9 hours in. That's why I've decided to always finish it off in the oven, just to save that frustration of trying to keep the temp up late in the process, at least while using the Weber kettle - if I ever go side firebox, I might be willing to keep stoking it since I wouldn't have to take off the top except to maybe check the temp a few times.

I figure that 7 hours worth of good Weber smoke is probably plenty. I've always got the ECB to use as well if I want, but why not just throw it in the oven for the last 5 hours?

My next one will be done in that fashion.
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