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Spare Ribs

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After tweakin the new grill a bit and getting things dialed in I decided to do some spares & beans today. Last night I coated the ribs slathered up the ribs with olive oil and gave em a good rub. sealed em up in saran wrap and in the fridge for the night.
I plan on the 321 method @ 225degrees.
At 1:00pm they went on the grill.

I'll get the beans around and put them on in a couple hours.
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Looking good Dan; keep us posted.
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sounds like a good dinnerPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Lookin good so far Dan!
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Looking good..and i'm sure they'll taste great
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Man, they sure are smelling great...icon_smile.gif
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Hey DangerDan ...............

Looking great!
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Yeah, ribs are my favorite (next to beans)icon_exclaim.gifbiggrin.gif
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Well, After 3/12 hours its time for some foil. I cut the racks down to makr room for the beans. Figured it wouldn't
bother much since they're going into the foil.

Here ther are coming out of the foil.

and sauced up for the home stretch..
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That was some good grub. This sites a great resource for grilling & smoking with the various recipes & such.... Way good stuff but I think it's gonna make me fat....

Here they are coming off the grill... wife & I like the sauce so they got

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Nice looking slabs there, hope it tasted as good as they looked!!
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great final pics............ So what are you doing next now that you are an addict?
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addict? I just like eatting good.
I dunno I was asking the wife about that during dinner. She's going to pick the next meal

Hey smoked pancakes!!!

Now that would be an addict...biggrin.gif
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Nice job there buddy. I think you are ready to do your own butts! Dang it. Oh well, good to see a good friend grad ahold of my addiction!. I know in just a few more smokes, you are gonna have this thing nailed!

Nice job Dan.icon_wink.gif
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Maybe a few more smokers... This unit is still burning a bit cold. Took about 7 hours on these bones...And the wife says it's cheaper to get the Butts from my old source....

I told her he's really not as old as he looks......biggrin.gif
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were you using charcaol? what type?
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Looks like I better stay on her good side!
I have heard from alot of folks that I aint as old as I look , but thats a bad thing aint it?eek.gif

I got alot of faith in ya there Dan, you'll get the horizontal smoker thing firgured out, I played that game, enjoy the ride, it tis fun and very rewarding!icon_smile.gif
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Royal Oak Lump. I was playin around with the heat yesterday but the most I got was around 340 deg.(digital).

I have some options here yet. I can cut back the baffle but then I'd have to raise the tuner plates. too much work I think. I'm pretty happy with the way it's cooking now, just wished I could get a strong 350 degrees out of it. Doubtfull the firebox could handle those temps for long anyways though.

It runs pretty comfy at 225 to 250 so I can't say why the ribs took so long cept maybe the bones? I only opened it up to spritz and foil the meat. Maybe 4 times through the cook so I know that wasn't it. I put a good gasket on the back of the lid but I still need to gasket the sides of the top/body. It wasn't terribly breezy and I doubt that was it either. I've been using a fridge for the past four years so the horizontal deal is new to me but all in all it'll do the trick for the time being.
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Nice, thanks for the QVIEW.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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