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6 lb. shoulder on my ECB

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Got up this morning and the family was leaving. I have the whole house to myself. I immediatetly start to smoke. Then I get the shoulder out of the fridge and start the fire for the old ECB.Got a couple pics to start with. I will post more as the day goes on. I think this is gonna be a great day!
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Looking good norrell.

Gives me some inspiration to fire up the ole ECB.

Got some fish in the freezer to do.
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there you go. I have been wanting to try to smoke a salmon. I am hoping it will take many tries to get it right. LOL.
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Looks like a great start have a good day and I'll be looking forward to more Qview
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Lookin' good! I have to wait til next weekend to do the brisket. Had it in the freezer and I'm just thawing it out slow.
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here it is about an hour ago. sitting at about 152 now. gonna be a nice, long, slow smoke.
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Looking good has it hit a plateau?
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looking good brother icon_exclaim.gif don't forget the q-view
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Really nice looking smoke, the bark has a great color to it! Hope to see some pics of the finished product!
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ahhh, ribs and chicken were great today, but there's just something about a boston butt...maybe next weekend.
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I have it sittin in the cooler now. been there for about 2.5 hrs. when i took the pork shoulder off, i put some ABT's on. I know this isn't the right forum, but here is the pic anyways. I will snap some pics when I pull the pork.

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It is finally done.Turned out perfect. Tried a couple of finishing sauces for the first time. I tried SoFlaQuers finishing sauce (sticky) and I tried one that was posted in that thread called wanda's sauce. I have to say SoFlaQuers was good, but Wanda's was out of this world. I think the Wanda's sauce is more of a sauce rather than a finishing sauce. Whatever it is, it is super. I also made some more of Jeff's sauce today and it seems to get better every time. Thanks goodness for the SMF! Because of this place, I can make BBQ that is better than most BBQ restaurants.

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Looks fantastic nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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looks great norrell! +1 about the bbq restaurants... i went to my fav que spot last week and the ribs were dry. can you say 3-2-1?PDT_Armataz_01_27.gif anyways, can you post wanda's recipe? i can't find it anywhere using the search function.
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thanks! this sounds great, i might try it tonight.
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Great looking smoke. That sauce sounds good too.
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Great looking smoke norell..kudos
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