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South florida get together?

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Anybody below the mason dixon line, or even below altlantic avenue wanna meet up somewhere, have a few beers and have a rib throwdown? Maybe smoke a fatty (or two).
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If ya get this together, I'll send my Uncle- he's in Naples and gets rather grumpy when I send him Q-view from here he can't eat...LOL!
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jus a jump across alligator alley.
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I'm game, where do you park yer car WZ? Or where you looking to do this?
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Im in coral springs(pompano beach area), not a big place. Somewhere communal were everyone can jst relax. Have to scope out a spot. Suggestions are a plus.
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I'm in...its not too far from Tamarac to Coral Springs or thereabouts!!biggrin.gif
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theres got to be a park or something in north broward/south palm....i guess it depends on how many?
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how bout markham or cb smith or tradewinds or even TY? they are all larger parks but they also have pavilions and enough space to park alot of vehicles and spread out with the kids and whatnot...just some thoughts
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I am in coral springs
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theres also smaller local parks like the one at the west end of mcnab....little smaller but still would serve the purpose. any ideas on whenabouts to do this shindig?
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wow!! 117 views 11 posts 5 from me!! guess no one is interested then? maybe too hot for some?
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I don't have a problem with the heat, it's the drive and avaliable free time I might have a problem with. I do a lot of work in that area and know the drive well, (about 4 hours from St. Petersburg).

What do you have in mind?
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Well we're gonna go with one in the N Fl area and would love ta see you and your family there.
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Hope yall get it tagether, they are a hoot, can't come but will be with yall in spirit! Speakin of spirits, have a few fer me!
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