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That little piggy is lookin real good!

Is the thought that counts Rich!

Just snapped off a few more pix

Two butts hit temp, one 201, other 205. The rest are 182, 184, 185. Does that seem weird? Startin to think I didn't have the probe in far enough. Moved those two to the warmer, it's at just over 200.

Little pig No. 1

and his kin... He!!, it may be his alter ego!

Got the briskets in the pans now. Just sliced some onions to serve as the "rack". Some nice beefy onion gravy? Ooh Baby!

And the other one.

Ribs goes on in one hour, chicken in two. Got the chicken out of the brine, giving a freshwater rinse now.
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Don't know Dan, but it's venting real good!

I had to cut myself off after the fifth cap'n & coke at 0100 or no way I'd have made it thru the night!! Where you stationed coyote?
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I'll deal ya some points. Dude, ya got it goin ON! You have got to be lovin this!!!

Them pig fillets are gonna be excellent!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Brisky's look mighty fine too!
Not smokin today, and yer killin me here. I hafta go to the store, and get me some meat for tomorrow, Dang it!
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Thanks to you Dan, and Ken, and someone else that shot me some points anonymously. I am lovin' it!! I think I got my second wind from the looks of the pig! Thought I was runnin out of gas an hour ago...

Still gotta get a little sleep sometime though, can't play poker if I'm unconscious!
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at white sands missile range,NM...where the 1st atomic bomb was tested,
might be 10 folks max in the commie on a good day..lol..
enjoy your day. I have a feeling more little piggys will come to a short life after your great q-views..
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Sure you can! Can I get an invite? ;{)
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ken, i cant wait to see the whole spread. you got my points man, just gonna holdem ransom for that spread shot LOL, that lang is doin you well tha way it looks!!!!
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With the west breeze, there is a thin blue smoke cloud lingering over the state of Florida right now. There must be one bad @$$ smoker churning out some great Q over on the west coast. Anyone know of anyone that may fit this description.

It i only a 3 hour drive to your neck of the woods Seboke, I am a certified Q Quality Control Professional. If you pay for gas, I will drive over and ensure the correct taste on all of your meat.

Also, where on earth did you get those kind of prices for the butts? What store?


Looks great!
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You get the exodus of the blue hairs in the winter like we do in Tampa?

rich, you're invited. First is a $50 buy in, you'll make 18. Then as folks get knocked out of the tourney they go for a cash game at a side table while I soar ahead to victory! (then I woke up)

You know I will bud!!

How much for your services again? I came to N Palm beach to get this rig, you anywhere near there? Got the butts at the air base commissary.
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I am north of there. I am across the river from Cocoa Beach.

About 15 minutes from Patrick Air Force Base.

My Chevy 2500HD has the 8.1L V8 in it. I get about 13 miles to the gallon.

So divide the mileage and times it by 4.
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Great looking stuff you got going on there Seboke, Man I'm only 4 hrs away and it's tempting and I'll pay my on gas...SMELLS REAL GOOD FROM UP HERE LOLPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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congrats on the lang,, truly was a "smokin"deal,, couldnt have been got by a better guy,, everything looks great.
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What a great looking smoke Seboke....Mmmmmm!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Wow that is one nice smoke you got going! Great color on those butts and brisket and the piggy is looking great as well.

I am going to have to give you some moderator's points for this one!

Nice job.
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After spending over a half hour washing one off because I dropped it the rest got hand holes makes life much easier that way.

Looking good Ken keep the pics coming!!!
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That is one hell of a smoke you got going on. I am so jealous on the pigs. I am dying to do one. Great looking! I am like the others, making me want to run to the store and cook something just to say I did.
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Thanks to everyone for all the great comments since my last post. For the update, The chicken is on, the ribs get foil in 1/2 hour, all butts are off, the briskets are at 160 & getting foil as soon as I post this, and the pigs are at 158 & 159 in the shoulder. Gotta go to Target to try to find platters big enough to hold the pigs...

Erain, here's your spread shot (minus the butts, but they wouldn't fit with everything else anyway!)

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Looking good them pig platters outta be easy to find biggrin.gif what are ya gonna garish the platter with? hehe
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Points from me!!!!
Man that looks AWESOME. Gonna get me a piggie or two!!!
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all rity ken, u delivered the spread i release the points!!!!!!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

that is lookin so very fine!!! great job you makin us proud......
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