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Newbie Brisket Question #2

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Should I assume that the thermometer probe gets placed in the thickest part of a full brisket about half way? Since there's no bone I'm guessing that it's a no-brainer. confused.gif

Thanks, Solar
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Hope so!!! That what I've been doin.confused.gifconfused.gif
post #3 of 9 got it...............
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Thank you guys, I think that pretty much completes my check list, lift off is sceduled for 6am tomorrow morning. smile.gif
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Have at it!!! Only way ta learn. Peoples tastes are different so ya kinda get the basics & play with it til ya get what YOU want. Happy smokin tomorrow!!!!biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
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Good luck

Have patience!
That brisket is gonna be worth the wait!!
Happy smokes!
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Best of luck to ya!

The thing that I found about doing it the whole way in the Weber is that it gets really tedious during the last half of the process (you probably figured that out from my blow-by-blow the other day).

You might consider finishing it in the oven. If you get a good 7 hours of smoking it in the Weber, I think you'll be happy. If I had to do it over again, that's what I would do.

It was at the 7 hour point that I found it to be a little laborious getting the temp back up. But that was just me.

You're realy going to have a great time however you do it. I can guarantee that.
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grothe1000, I couldn't agree more, there's only one way to learn; jump in feet first and see what happens. You can only learn from your mistakes. smile.gif

BBQGoddess, I hear you on the patience, I have a rare Saturday where I have nothing to do but smoke a brisket; if it turns out good or not, fun is going to be had.biggrin.gif

teleburst , I swear by Weber Kettle's, I love em', but tomorrow my brisket is going on my Brinkmann SNP. icon_smile.gif
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Ahhh, I misread the "work in progress" thing. I thought you were rebuilding one <chuckle>.

Yes, that will be much easier to maintain the heat over the long haul.

Man, I was watching Bourdain's "No Reservations" from Uruguay and he showed this big commercial grill setup in the local market that I would die for. In the front, a grill surface angled at about 30 degrees. Under it, a large coal catching surface. And a tall firebox in the back where you just toss wood over the top of the grill (almost like an open chimney). When the wood burns down, you shovel it from back to front with a long-handled prodding device. Very simple and very cool. They must of had a few hundred pounds of all sort of meat grilling on the sucker (the grill surface looked like it was about 10 X10).
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