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Fruit in the water pan?

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Any flavor added by putting slices of fruit or peal or juice in the water pan?

Im trying the 3-2-1 method tomorrow and Meowy's tips for the shoulder.

I had no luck getting my hands on apple wood chips locally so I am going to try the Cherry or maybe a cherry/hickory blend.

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Nope. Perhaps something would be gained by aromatic spices tho. You WILL get some rather nasty <i'd imagine> cooked fruit tho.
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I've tried different herbs and spices in the water pan and did not notice any real difference. Even tried using a bottle or two of beer. Decided to drink the beer and just use water in the panPDT_Armataz_01_05.gif .
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what about putting laying apple slices on top of the ribs if they are flat on the grill?
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Never done it. Let us know :{)
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Years ago I would sometimes add garlic oil and/or onion oil. I dont know if you can still get that, I used it in my fish brine mostly. And since it was in the brine I really can't say if it added flavour but the aroma coming from the smoker was great.
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I've put cut up Onion and fresh rosmary in, No rub just salt. Very nice Flavor,
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like rich said, nope.........i have tried juices, beer(boy was THAT a waste), spices, etc. If you are going to be doing a piece of meat that is going to get a barq on it, I can't see how anything in the waterpan is going to affect it.......heck, it doesn't even add moisture. I am going to use sand next time.......its just a thermal mass anyhooters
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doing apples would be okay, the juices would kinda be absorbed into the meat... much like laying pineapple on ribs does. I do that and it is great. if you lay some toothpicks in between then it gets it up off the meat and then you can eat smoke pineapple too w/o risk of cross contamination. kinda do it on the back half of the smoking though.
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I put fresh herbs and lemon halves in my water pan while I'm smoking. Not sure if it makes any difference but I do it every time.
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