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Chuck Roast

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I think I am going to smoke my 2nd Chuck. Tonight I am going to dry rub with salt,pepper,garlic and wrap it up and into the ice box. Then Sat Morning I am going to marinade the beef in a dark beer with onion and brown suger. I think I will reserve some of the marinade the next day and reduce it down for a dipping sauce. I am going to smoke it with apple wood on Sunday to about 195 and wrap it up put it in a cooler for an hr or two then stand back.
I hate that I can't give step by step qview. I soon will have the technology.
What are you smoking the weekend?

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Sounds great, what type of chuck are you using?
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3.5" Angus Beef Bonless Chuck Roast. If I may, what would you use?
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Chucks are lean, so obviously don't over cook it. Medium rare is the desired outcome in my house. I also like to inject them the night before. Helps the flavor of the seasoning even out. I also let mine chill after smoking, over night, to be sliced the next day for sammy's; if possible.
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Im a big fan of dark beer, but I have never used it for anytype of cooking. Besides the chuck is there any of meats that may be tastee marinaded in dark beer?
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I like a dark beer for a brisket mop. I think any beef cut would be good with dark beer.
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Oh man, I think I need to start smoking some beef!!!
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Next time you marinade with a dark beer, save some and bring it to a boil and cool down for digging. Of course I have apple cider and others in the mix, but I think it very tasty.
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Well, there are many different chucks. And our butchers call all of them Chuck Roast. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

According to my butcher you want to use the Underblade if you want to PULL the meat. Others are good for slicing. I know I have had some in the past pull easy, some partial pull and some won't pull at all.
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