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so like i said in other poist imnew to the smoking things and this "fatty dlea" looks mm mmm mm good.......wat is it exactly...i can kinda tell its sausuge rolled out with pretty much wat ever u wana put in it?
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That is pretty much the way it is. Sausage/ground meat rolled out and stuffed with whatever sounds good. If you look through the fattie forum there are threads from the fattie throwdown for ideas, but just do whatever sounds good to you. I have done a lasagna fattie, bbq turkey fattie, hawaiin fattie. The possibilities are endless. Have fun with it.
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A blank canvas..........It's pretty much whatever you want it to be!
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Sounds like you got it already.

Jimmy Dean, whatever type, rolled flat, filled with goodies, smoked at 250 to a 165º internal temp. AKA the Cholesterol Bomb PDT_Armataz_01_28.gif
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You got it. Take your favorite sausage, Jimmy Dean, Gunnoes, whatever. Roll it out flat, cover it with a few of your favorite things, roll it up, maybe coat it with a rub, maybe wrap it with bacon, then smoke it. Some popular fillings are cheese of course, onion, mushroom, peppers, eggs, potatos, other meats such as pepperoni, ham, bbq. Breakfast (egg, cheese, onion, peppers & potatos) or pizza fatties seem to be tops here.
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