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What's it worth???

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I found a smoker on Craigslist and I'm just curious what everyone here thought the value would be... It's dimensions are 48*24 and it's made out of 10 guage steel with a side firebox. Pretty much looks like a chargriller. I just don't want to offer the guy too much for it if it's not that great.
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Sort of hard to answer without a picture. It's only worth as much as you want to pay for it I guess.
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Here's a pic...

Oh, and it's not quite done being built. It still needs a shelf for the grates to sit on both in the firebox and in the main chamber and it needs handles.

I'm looking for a general guideline here, is it worth $1000 or $100...
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i would offer about $200 maybe depending on how well built it is....ya know mite look good in a picture but be crappy in person...but by the pic $ .02
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I'm with T-H. If it's in decent shape, little rust, etc. $300's prolly fair, great shape? I'd go to $450-ish. Also check to see about baffle plates, and what is in the firebox to hold the coals.
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What a deal!

I went ahead and pulled the trigger... I got it for $100. I figure that's less than a chargriller and probably pretty close to what I'd be out building a uds.

It's not quite finished, there are 2 grates, so that's about 2000 sq in cooking space...a lot more than the 800 on the cg. The guy building it is a machine shop guy and just never got around to finishing it. A couple pieces of angel iron and a couple handles and it's good to go.

All in all, I think I got a pretty good deal, and so did he. Now I just need to call in a few favors to get it finished myself!
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OK ill shut up now, saw your post and was going to say needs better wheels and a stronger frame, stack looks to be attached too high. But for 100$ I would have fought you for it. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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All of the inside grates are 1/4" expanded steel. There's a little rust inside and yeah, the stack is attached too high, but I'll see what I can do to mod that...

I'll also have to see about putting in a clean out valve and door for emptying the ashes too.
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Well if you can find a comparable at retail shop you may be better prepaired to put a price on it. I would guess not more than 400.00 depending on condition, design and so forth. I think 100.00 is close to a steal. Great buy.
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