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Bought My First Brisket for Saturday

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I got a 12½ lb full brisket from Wally Mart, it was $1.72 a lb which I though was really good. I'm going to cover and rub it with my mustard base bbq sauce and some dry rub, wrap it and stick into the fridge until Saturday morning. I've never bought one before and there was opnly one to chose from, so I hope I got a good one. For some reason I was thinking they looked more like a roast and not so flat, I hope it fits in my aluminum pan.
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When I did my first brisket it was 12.5 lbs as well. Too big to fit my smoker in one piece. I asked for and received information on how to split it. Also got some other good info.
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If I were making suggestions, I would stay away from putting sauce on it until after it's done (if at all). It will take a long time to cook, and chances are the sauce will burn before then.
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Vlap, thanks for all the info: 225° smoker, Spray or Mop every hour or so, fat side down, plateu @150° (open beer), wrap in foil @ 170° (open beer) finish until 190° (open beer).

Geek with Fire, the sauce is a heavy Mustard base, doesn't that help in breaking down the connective tissue?
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I think you are missing a beer in there somewhere...
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Yea you forgot put it on (open beer) may as well start early biggrin.gif
Sounds like ya have a plan and don't forget the Qview
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shoot ya may as well open beer before lighting charcoal. Gotto start the smoke with a proper toast!
Although my last smoke I did start with bloody mary's. I got some ideas on how to make those a bit more smoked as well PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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LOL biggrin.gif As much as I love my beer (and I do), I plan on starting tomorrow morning about 6am. Not saying I haven't had a beer that early before in my life, but I was in my 20's and heading out on a boat to the middle grounds. But being the sport I am, I'll crack one just to toast my first brisket.

I'll be taking a ton of pics, and I'll start a new thread with updates and questions through out the day. I have no one at the house tomorrow, all by myself with no chores, and a fridge full of beer and snacks. Just me and the neighbors cat will probably be hanging out under the carport, with a few friends coming and going. PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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Sounds like a good day! Enjoy!
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Nope. biggrin.gif
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In that case I suggest more beer and maybe throw on a fatty or to for more snacks thru the day oh did I mention more beer biggrin.gif
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Fat Back Joe, This Newbie has been mislead by a old family friend, smile.gif he said yellow mustard helped with tenderizing the meat because of the vinegar.

So should I just go with a dry rub and mop?

I wonder why a lot of people rub down their meats with mustard before cooking?

Pineywoods, I have a few scallops wrapped in bacon, and some stuffed shrimp, and my uncle's old baked bean recipe to play with, oh and I forgot to mention I'm making my awesome Bourbon BBQ sauce. I should stay busy, and I'm sure I'll have the cold one's going too. smile.gif
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Mustard helps the rub stick.

I agree though. MORE BEER PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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Yellow mustard might help the rub stick a little better but thats about it some use it some don't. If using mustard I buy the cheapest stuff they have and you will notice no difference in the finished product.
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Care to share?
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This site is great, thanks guys!! Where else can you find answers to mustard rubs, and fellow board members suggesting more beer? icon_lol.gif Glad I didn't waste my mustard sauce.
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What they all said..........mustard helps the rub stick........but quite a few (me included) don't use it. Although vinegar will break down cell walls if you are soaking something in it, there isn't enough vinegar in the mustard to do the trick in the time frame you are talking, if there was it would really only turn the outside of the meat kind of mushy and not really have any impact on the internal connective tissue...........atleast that is my understanding of how things work.

All that being said, if you want to do it, go a head...........PDT_Armataz_01_18.gif I don't know everything.....I just act like I do. PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif

Good luck with the smoke in any case.
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Thanks, Fat Back Joe.


My uncle gave me all his recipes and this was in it. I've made it twice, the last time was a couple years ago, and it was awesome both times! It's a slightly sweet sauce with a nice smooth kick,(if that makes sence) but it's pretty universal. It takes about 3 hours to make and is a tomato based sauce with a list of ingredients about a mile long. I'll post it sometime this weekend, if my home scanner didn't crap out on me I could have it posted in seconds.
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By my calculations that is going to take about 16 hours. Does that sound right? I have done 3 briskets so far but they were 7-8 pounders. They took about 10 hours give or take to get to 175. Want to pull the next one I do. Good luck.
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Where you be? I've been up since 4:15 and figured I'd see you on here.biggrin.gif
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