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Brisket w/ "Qview"

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I threw in a 14&1/2 lb packer at 7:00pm last night. Rubbed w/ Jeff's rub and mopped w/ Texas-Hunter's Mop recipe. Smoked @ 225* til it hit 150*,wrapped and returned to smoker. At 180* unwrapped & put it back in. Took it out when it reached 205*. Ya, I know I need a new camera!!

Separated the point from the flat.

Pulled the flat - wow, was that juicey

By far the best tasting beef I've ever had!biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif

Throwing the point back in the smoker for some burnt ends (the best part IMHO)!!!
I'll post the rest of the pix when it finishes.

Just wanted to thank everyone here for all the wisdom shared with us newbies. Couldn't have made anything even remotely close to what I just sampled (out of my smoker) on my own!

And thanks to TH for that awesome mop recipe!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Off to look for a finishing sauce - more pix to come.
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It's a beautiful thing!
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that looks fantastic...take a picture of those burnt ends too....mmmm burnt ends!
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That looks great, and thanks for posting the mop recipe, I'm going to use it tomorrow.
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OK, finally the burnt ends....... Well...ahhh....Half of the burnt ends. Had some trouble cuttin up the point into cubes - some of em kinda just fell apart. Had to eat those!!biggrin.gif Don't really know how long to smoke em for. I just wait til they stop drippin fat off then "test" to see if done (AKA eat 1...or maybe 2) Had to "test" a few times - Still learnin here!biggrin.gif And my last excuse..... I WAS HUNGRY!!!!icon_evil.gif

Dam those are good!!!
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WoooWHEE! I believe ya just earned some points, there, pilgrim!
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Oh yeah, that's were it's at! Thanks for the pics!
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Thanx guys! Had a blast (or should I said got blasted) doin it! Alotta fun and alotta good Q (ends seemed to have disappearedeek.gif )! Workin on a fattie now. Post it in a little bit. Thanx for da points too.
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Nice brisket Grothe.
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif Good job
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Great YUMMY Brisket!
I like how the picture has that "halo" effect to it like you are in heaven and are looking at a big tin of pulled brisket...oh that is heaven!!
Great job Gene!! I hope I can come close to that tomorrow!!
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