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brisket info

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hey alll,, I have been keeping an eye out for a brisket, they all seem so expensive, I found one about a month ago, 8lb.=$30.00, found one yesterday to, it would have fit on one of our salad plates, on clearance for 11.00. This seems realy high to me and having a family of 5, 2 oldest boys in the 200 lb. range, dont want to afford this cut of meat and screw it up.

I found one last week at a little grocery , atleast I think thats what it was, the cryo was about two and a half feeet long, I cant imagine it was a loin, it was 26 bucks. The sticker said only one thing ,,,meat.

wife says you guys probably get the corned beef briskets, but they dont have the point on them. I am confused, I want to do one but maybe need some direction. Are the prices I am finding normal, If so I will get one and give it a shot, but maybe I gave been spoiled at the price of a boston butt, and the fact that it will feed us for atleast 3 days.
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Krusher, sounds like what you found at the little grocery store was a packer brisket. That is a point and flat that has not been separated. It has a vein of fat that runs between the 2. The price you saw for the packer sounds about right. The prices you quoted for the flats sound kinda high to me too.

Corned beef brisket is nothing but a brisket that has been brined and they can be had whole or separated also but mostly what you see are flats.

The flat seem to be the most popular for slicing and the point for pulling. Personally, I like to do a packer when I do brisket as it has a high fat content.
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Bet it's a Packer

I agree that is sounds like a packer. At that length and price it almost has to be. I have a 12.5 lber rubbed up in the fridge right now myself. They smoke up nice and juicy with all the extra fat on them. I got mine at Wal Mart for $1.67 a lb. It is funny the way the labled the brisket you saw though. Not very helpful. I'm also doing a 9 lb butt and 9 lbs of hotwings tonight.

Good luck and happy smoking!

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Have you shopped Walmart or Sams Club. Those prices are high to me too. Corned beef brisket is good for sammies if using it otherwise it will be salty, even if you rinse it good. I picked up a brisket at Walmart last week for $1.67/lb, so It is just under 10 lbs and was about $16. Try looking around a little more. Maybe beef is more expensive in your area?
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thanks for the input fellas, the one for 30.00 was at walmart, I think I am going to sneak down to the other grocer and pick one of thos up somtime soon.
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