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to brine or not to brine

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im smoking my first butt this weekend and i was wondering if i shoudl brine it or jus rub it down with sum rub rap it and put it in the fridge over night ?
post #2 of 9 not need brining. There is plenty of fat/collegen to make them moist and juicy without a brine. Some inject them... if anything.
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inject them with? ive seen the injectors before but would itmake a biiig difference i was jsu gonna rub em down then use a bbq for sauce after wards
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I, good sir, do not brine da butts. IMHO, there is plenty of flavor from the rub/bark, and from the sweet meat itself.
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I've only brined birds and fish, I think for beef/pork a good maranade is all you need.
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So far I have seen no point in brining anything. A good marinade or low temps when cooking, should take care of it.
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I'm with Flash, I've tried brining and would rather go with a marinade. A butt has plenty of flavor by itself. No need to brine but you can try injecting some marinade if you really want to do something.

I'll take a good rub over a marinade for a butt though. Love the bark.
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I'll add to the 'no brine' vote. I'm still learning, but my first pork shoulder (picnic) with the propane gosm came out fantastic, full of flavor and moisture. I rubbed it down with Jeff's rub, wrapped in plastic/foil, and let it sit overnight before the smoke. I see no reason to brine.
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i got to agree on the "no brine" for the butt... should be plenty juicy and the rub and the bark along with the natural goodness of the pork flavor makes it tuff to beat!!! i brine poultry and fish but thats a whole nother story. but on the other hand dont be afraid to go out on a limb and expieriment a lil. thats how all great recipies are born!!! whatever way you choose dont forget to report and qview!!!!
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