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First Brisket

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I'm doing my first brisket today. I really appreciate all of the great advice found here! I'm using yellow mustard and Jeff's rub with some hickory and apple wood. Got the 9 and a half pounder(that's more then one of our dogs weighs) on at 5:45 AM.

Thanks again to all for sharing

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Looks like your on your way to a tasty dinner!
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Looks good.

Let us know how it turns out, I'm going to do my first brisket this Saturday and could use some tips.
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Looks like a great start. Can't wait to check your progress! I'm sure it is gonna turn out good.
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At first I thought the temp was rising to quickly then it slowed down, nine hours into it and the brisket is at 168, almost time to foil.
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