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Meatloaf Again.

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Finally got to smoke something today. First smoke since 6-28-08 -- well, except for my desperation hot dog smoke.

Did a smoked meatloaf. First one I have done with the Afterburner. It was nice to be able to finish it on the smoker. Every other time when I was using charcoal, fate was not with me and I had to move it to the gas grill to get it to finish at 300 to 350.

Used Jeff's basic recipe and brushed some Bullseye bbq sauce on at the end.

Nothing spectacular but the kids loved it. I think the meatloaf is their favorite off the smoker so far. They're not really into the pork fat stuff. (Silly kids!! cool.gif )

Have a few days left of vacation so I might try some chicken legs on Friday (to try out my leg racks that I bought months ago and never used yet) and maybe a rack of baby backs on Saturday.

Feels good to be smokin' again.

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That looks really good. Never thought of doing a ML on a smoker, I'm going to try that soon, any tips?

I have a pretty good ML recipe that I was thinking of using as a fattie, you think that would work in place of a sausage fattie?

BTW, enjoy the rest of your vacation!!
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I did Jeffs meatloaf on the smoker and lets just say theres a new meatloaf in our house now, My picky 2 year old even eats it. However next time I am doing 2, 1 of Jeffs and one with Jeffs recipe mixed with my wifes to see how that comes out.
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Looks great Drowzy. Glad your gonna get to do some ribs before you have head back to work. I love meatloaf on the smoker. I like it way better than fatties, but I think I'm in the minority on that one.

Happy Smokes.
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Some things that I find helpful is forming it into more of a cake shape than a loaf shape. Some people put them on a cookie sheet or foil pan. I have put mine on the grates but sometimes it is a little tricky to get it off. I may try the foil pan next time. Smoke it for about one hour at 250 then let the temp creep up to 300 or 350 to firm it up. I smoke it to 160 internal. Takes about 3 hours. When it hits 155 or so, I brush some bbq sauce on the top and let it carmelize.

I'm sure it would but you may have to let the temp creep up to help firm the loaf/fattie up depending on how "wet" the mix is.

Thank you. Hopefully I will be posting more Qview. biggrin.gif

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Looks good, here's something you may want to try, real easy and clean...tastes great as well:
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DowseyDave, thanks for the MF info, it's now well documented in my computer, and I printed it out. When you say a cake shape, do you mean round compared to rectangle?

Abelman, you have a real good link for MF going there as well. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

I really like this site; lots of great ideas. smile.gif
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I guess you could do it round but what I meant was more like a rectangular cake than a loaf of bread. biggrin.gif

Abelman, thanks for the link. I will have to try that next time.

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Dave, that's a very tasty looking meatloaf!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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This is what I use for smoked meatloaf. Spray it real good with Pam and after you mix your meat kind of form a loaf shape with it and gently place in the basket. You don't want to force the meat into the mesh and have trouble getting it out.
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Hey, smoked meatloaf sounds good, thanks for the tip.
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Nice idea, I didn't really want to put it directly on the rack.
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Thanks for this tip lcruzen! I had no idea anything like this existed. I have always bought a foil tray and punched holes in it. This I can use over and over.
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Your very welcome. That's what the SMF is all about. It is nice to absorb knowledge from others but even more satisfying to know you may have help someone else.
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