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smoking at work!!

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Well got in about midnight and had the butt in the smoker by 12:30!biggrin.gif It sucks coming in at this time and working a 16 or 18 hour day but I figgure if I'm gonna be here this long I'm gonna eat good! Its about a 6 pounder so I hope to have it done by lunch time. Have a roll of JD i'm going to put in about 3:30 or so and a few rolls of Pilsbury biscuts that I'll fix later for sausage sammies for breakfast!
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But your wages for smoking are pretty good..... I am hoping to pull a smoke or two off this winter at work when things are slower there.
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Just checked and the butt is at 80 right now and smoker holding just a smidge over 250, on track so far. I'm a dispatcher for a concrete company so this is our busy time of year and I have days where I have to be in early. In the winter time we are a lot slower and I dont come in till 6 or 7 so I really dont have enough time to smoke anything big. I've done burgers and brats before when I come in later but it pretty nice to be up all night smoking and getting paid for it!biggrin.gif
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What I wouldn't give to smoke at work!!
Hope you butt comes out famously and that everyone who gets to share appreciates all the tlc in that butt!!
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Everyone in the office loves it! I did a few last summer on my early days, actually had a few really busy weeks and I kept my smoker here and we were smoking 2 or 3 days a week! We did turkey, burgers, brats, a beef roast, abts, fatties, chicken wings and of course a few butts. My wife was getting jealous! When you put in 60+ hours a week you have to try to stay in good spirits and good food does wonders to boost morale.
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Long days deserve long smokes.
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Ok need a little help. It at 96 and has only been in for a little over 1.5 hrs. I have not done a butt in a while and this seems like its going kinda fast? Thermo on the door says 250 and I know its pretty close. Should I turn down the heat or is it ok?
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Is the thermo trusteable?

If so, I would say things are fine as is..... but the fast intial temp rise may be setting up for a long plateau.....

If it is not a trustable thermo, maybe turn it down a bit.
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I have checked the thermo a few times and its been within 5 degrees of my digital, so I think its ok. I have the setting on the heat control knob in the same place it always is so I guess it ok. Just seems like it went up pretty fast, or at least faster than I remember in the past.
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I would have to agree with Mossy you may hit a long plateau as I have found on smaller butts. They always seem to balance out in the long run. If not foil and put it in cooler and let it rest a wee bit. Good luck and happy eating.
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Thanks guys. I did turn it down a bit. I'm about 3.5 hrs in and its at 136. Man does it smell good and look good! I'll probably foil it in another hour or so and turn the heat back up a little to get it done by lunch time.
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Oh another thing. I forgot to get the apple juice to spritz with so I mixed up some of my bbq sauce with a can of 7Up, some Texas Pete garlic hot sauce, chipotle tobasco, red pepper flakes and some garlic onion seasoning and have been pouring that over it. Not sure how it will turn out. You think its too much sugar with the sauce and 7UP? I was thinking that it might make for a crunchier bark? Oh it was Famous Daves bbq sauce, have never had it but read some good things on here about it.
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Don't forget the pictures..
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That mop/pour with the 7up and such actually sounds good, let us know how it comes out.
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sorry no camera at work.
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I'll let ya know. It was all I could find around the office, unless I wanted to use some Italian dressing that expired on 7/15. Almost used the Italian until I saw the 2006 after the 7/15!PDT_Armataz_01_27.gifPDT_Armataz_01_32.gif
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Well it turned out great, thanks for the help along the way guys. It was the most moist butt I have ever done, not sure if it was the longer rest time or the 7UP or just the meat??
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