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Soup Stock for the Frugal

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First off, history, I do ALL the grocery shopping AND all the cooking. Mrs. V does clean up which would be a GOOD deal if I wasn't so MESSY.

That Said.

I keep a couple of 2 Gal Freezer Bags in the Freezer (duh) and when I Lop the Bottom off of a "head" of Celery, or take the top and bottom off an onion with the first outer layer, Broccoli Bottoms, Asparagus Bottoms, Tops of Carrots, Cauliflower cores, Cabaage cores, ETC.
Any Fresh Herbs that have almost run their course. Parsley Stems, Watercress Stems, etc.

Any left over Bird Carcass' pieces etc. (Beer Can Chicken) Third piece off of Chicken wings.

I just pop the stuff into the Freezer bag when I get the bags full I just pop in a few cloves of FRESH crushed Garlic, some Salt a Little Pepper, it never comes out the same but MAN - GOOD STUFF.

Place stuff you would have tossed out into Stock Pot, Fill w water add spices and put on Med Low until it boils - then bring down to low simmer for a few hours.

Strain out chunks, reserve Broth and then proceed to make your Soup.

You WILL be a Happy Camper!
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waste not want not.....good idea..i never really thought about doing this..i just threw everything away..and the way food is going this wil just extend your budget a little further...thanks for the info
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You got it man. OH IT'S KILLER good.
My Kids ABSOLUTELY LOVE my home made soups.

You can throw anything you want into it. Barley, Veggies, Meats, Egg noodles. Matzo Balls. Whatever. It's good.

Yeah, and normally you pitch the stuff. Carcass really helps to make it.
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Great advice. All of that "trash" has just as much flavor as the part you eat, if not more. Makes sense to extract that deliciousness and use it.
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Thanks for sharing a great idea.
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great way to strech to food dollar even a lil more. thks super vman!!!skol!!!
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That is definitely a good idea.

I used to do something similar back in Jamaica. Some times, I would strain, then freeze the stock in ice trays and keep the stock cubes in bags in the freezer. These are useful for adding to rice dishes, sauces, gravies, stews, braising etc.

Shrimp and or lobster shells are excellent additions.

Thanks for posting I had completely forgotten about doing that.
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Excellent idea, I'm starting to save/freeze this week!
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Right on. I use a few silicone muffin "tins" and make "hockey pucks" out of the stock for additions to dishes. Works great, and the broth is so good.
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Bones from the butts and a few rib trimmings make for a good pork stock also. Use that and make a pork gravy and you got some good eatin'
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Good post vman I must have missed it. I had a Bohemiean Chef teach me this, Nothing goes to waste.

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