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Four fatties critique

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This past weekend pool party - used 1 lb. JD Maple Sausage for each.

1. Sauted mushroom/onion/garlic with a red wine reduction and rolled with parmesean cheese. Excellent - the stuff we rolled in the chub was incredible by itself.

2. Bacon, sharp cheddar and maple syrup (my kids' creation) - worst of the bunch but still tasty!

3. Cream cheese and jalapenos - very good - the cream cheese didn't get runny as I had imagined/hoped but it was dang good.

4. Granny smith apple and chunks of blue cheese. Sounds funky but may have been the best of the bunch. The tartness of the apple was a good contrast and hell...I'd eat a dog turd if it had blue cheese on it.
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Thats Gospel. Preach brother preach.
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Those sound like they would've been awesome entries into the recent fatty throwdown that was held. The fatty with the apples in it sounds the most delicious!
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Where is the Q-VIEW?????
Just givin ya hell.....But,...Remember this,....No Q-View....It didn't happen(I learned that the hard way myself)......Sounds good...wtg but,We need a
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Ditto, it didn't happen till we see it. LOL
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I'll take 3 lbs. of # 4, and watch what you wish for...
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ahhh grasshopper you learned well!!
They all sound great...but no Que-vue.......LOL!
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Just a dream, just a dream...
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