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Hello from Arizona

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Hi everyone! My name is Jenn and I'm from Chandler Arizona. I am new to the boards although have read quite a few threads. I have always loved grilling and recently received a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker as my graduation gift (I chose it). If anyone has any advice on what would be a good first thing to smoke, let me know as I would really like to give it a try this weekend!
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Welcome Jenn,
You will love the MES, cooks some pretty good grub. Don't forget to season it first.
As far as what to cook the sky is the limit, pork butt is pretty forgiving but in my pinion so is a brisket. read through some posts, pick what sounds good and get to smokin. If you have any questions or problems just put up a new post and there will always be someone here to help walk you thogh it. Don't forget the qview
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Welcome to SMF, Jenn! Congrats on your new smoker, you'll soon become an addict to the hobby, as most of us here have already become.

If you're brand new to smoking meats I'd suggest signing up for the free 5-day eCourse that's offered through SMF. It'll give you the info needed to kick-start the hobby and get ya good smokes from here on out.

Look forward to reading your future posts!
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Welcoe Jenn. Lots of help here. Just ask or use search. Good luck.
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Welcome Jenn...and I'll second the boston pork butt. Get a smaller one 4-5 lbs or so, and read the "sticky" at the top of the Pork Forum by Meowey..called "Basic pulled pork" or something similar. You'll love it!
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Hey Jenn,

Welcome to SMF! Everyone always says that Butts/Shoulders are so forgiving and maybe they are, but they take a long time to cook. I am talking about 10-12 hours. I have found whole chicken or Baby Back ribs to be easy and not too time consuming. Look in the pork forum and read about the 3-2-1 method for ribs. I do more 2-2-.5 on my smoker. This technique for ribs is no fail. Just get ribs that are as fresh as possible and they will be tender and delicious. I have been using pineapple juice instead of apple juice for the foiling part with great results. Ribs are the only thing I cook by time, and that is only assuming you know exactly what your temp is inside your smoker. For chicken your will need a meat thermometer, preferably digital probe. Chicken usually takes 2-3 hours to get to 160F. So you got ribs...4-5 hours, chicken....2-3 hours, butt/shoulder.......10-12 hours minimum.

Good luck and post some pics of whatever you decide to smoke.
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