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Another newbie from Oklahoma

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Hello from central OK. I’ve been reading a lot of good information in here in the last few days and ready to get started. I have a few old grills and a couple of older Charcoal Smokers, looking to go a little bigger. I've smoked a couple of pork shoulders and a few slabs of ribs in the past few weeks so my wife could get a taste. Now I’m asking for a bigger smoker for my birthday in a few months. I think I have her convinced.
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welcome steve, and way to go on butterin up the wife before hittin her up for the new smoker. if you haven't already, you should take the 5 day ecourse, lots of good info.
Look forward to seenin many future q-views
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Nice job. Once wife likes it that is the key.
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I will say hello, I'm new to this forum also but not to smoking. I live just 30 minutes up old HWY 66 to Chandler. Welcome aboard.
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Welcome from another Okie, glad to have ya here.
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From one okie to another,
Welcome to SMF....You are in good company
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I'm new here myself but I'm glad to see another okie, especially one from as close as Edmond. (I am in SE OKC.)

There is a lot of good information as well as some good conversation to be had on these forums....

Welcome from another newbie.
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well shoot i will chime in here as well ..great to have you here at smf...great site and a lot of helpful people here..good idea to butter up wife i had to do the same..welcome
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Welcome to the SMF. Nice job in convincing someone about a new smoker. I't a win, win situation!
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Thanks for the welcome, looking forward to talking to you all.
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Greetings Okie

Welcome to SMF okie. I'm from near tulsa. great site can't wait to see your q-view
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