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this might sound gross but.............

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has anyone ever tried smoking liver?
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Gross biggrin.gifbiggrin.gif I don't eat it but I'll bet somebody here has smoked it
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god no

I could never get over the texture of liver. I would think it wouldn't do well because there is no fat in it. Maybe wrap in bacon?
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That ain't right. Liver only filters beer. Not edible.
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Dude ... why ya wanna smoke your fish bait??

Never heard of anyone smoking liver - give it a shot and report back.
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C'mon YUKKK. But gizzards may not be too awful bad.
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d88de looks away and gags............

like joe said, why smoke your catfish bait?
only thing i have ever had use for it..........
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smoked liver is good,place it in a steel strainer and smoke it for 45 to 60 min,
you need to keep an eye on it. that is for beef, chicken less

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I never smoked it but do like calf liver with onions and chicken liver
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Thanks Mark see I told ya somebody woulda done it biggrin.gif
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ty so mulch

i'll give it a try
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If I smoked mine, it would burst into flames!eek.gif
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Liverworst sausage is usually smoked. Only way I eat it...well, or a smoked pate'.
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also with the chicken livers if you fry first then smoke, chop and mash with a fork and make liver gravy,like you would do sausage gravy,and then pour over biscuits !!!! it's awesome if you like the livers.

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Smoke that liver! The catfish will be jumping in your boat then!biggrin.gif
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