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Newbie from Colorado by way of Louisiana

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I just bought my first smoker this past weekend and absolutely love it. I bought an electric Kenmore smoker from Sears. I bought an electric smoker because I didn't want to get discouraged by burning up meat by trial and error. I feel like once I get comfortable with cooking with it, I will move up to a "real" smoker.

Anyway, I look forward to getting to know you guys and honing my skills with all of your posts I have found on here.


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welcome aboard

what part of la ya from?
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Homer, Louisiana
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Welcome to SMF you will find lots of great info and recipes here. I suggest taking Jeff's 5 day Ecourse as well its free and contains some great info. Have fun and happy smoking
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Welcome GLX, Hope you enjoyit here. Lots of good people here so yuo will be getting confident very soon! But! I must warn you, once bitten by the Smoke Bug, you can't stop. The Wife starts complaining about the other woman. You start staying out all night, you smell all the time(but YOU will learn to LOVE the aroma), and neighbors drop in and salivate all over your yard.LOL!
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Welcome Joey. An electric is a good place to start. The pros will giggle but i still use my to this day. Had about 5 of'em. I leave them outside year around. Rain and snow seem to kick their *ss.
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Congrats on finding the SMF, and on the new smoker.
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Welcome GLX....Louisiana boy here too ! Geaux Saints!
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