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how to set it up

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ok im new to the smoking scene i have done ribs a few times...i never really have understood how to set up the coals and wood in the fire box. i have been adding about 23-30 coals gettin em hot and tosson wood in with em seems to get pretty hot and burns up coals quit fast anyone for and ideas how or wat to do or how i can "upgrade my smoker for better resutls
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Orng , go to charcoal smoker forum and do searches on ' charcoal basket ' and ' minion method ' and see if that helps. I know searches are sometimes unproductive here so if no luck myself or or one of the other more knowledgable members will be happy to help .
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thanks a bunch
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Give some information on your smoker, type of charcoal, pictures of charcoal area.
More information would help people know what might be going wrong and how to fix it.
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it is the char-broil double smokers bbq and grill.im using kingsford charcoal.ill get sum pics up tommorow
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