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I have a question

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all these Fatties look great and I want to try and do one but I really wont have any time to smoke one for a few weeks so do you think I could just do one on the grill, Or would that just be a big waste of time?
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You could grill one. If so probably best not to use raw meat (or anything else) as a filling as it may not get done. You can smoke a fattie in 2-3 hours though and get nice smoke flavor but it would be better to grill one than not have one at all.
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Grilling and smoking are two different processes and will yield different results. A fatty is a rather thick, dense creation that benefits from low and slow cooking. Sure, you can do it but you'll need to be cooking over a very low heat and do a lot of turning and flipping. Personally, I'd wait til you can do it right.
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I'd have to agree with both answers here. Hmm maybe ya could make a "thinny"? If ya could keep it together...layer of sausage, then stuffing, then sausage? Man be a bugger to keep together tho. MAybe one of those grilling baskets for like veggies and stuff where ya can flip it held together?
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Lenny I'll be the one to say it biggrin.gif If I had no fatty and wanted a fatty and couldn't smoke it. I'd roll it up find a pan and some kind of rack to set it on in the pan and throw it in an oven set at 250* yea I know not ideal but better than no fatty at all.
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Thanks guys I think I will wait but they just look so good. hey why isn't there any stickys on here about fatties? Us newbies need some good how-to on these.
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I agree on the sticky thing I think Capt. Dan's rolling process should be made a sticky. That is very informative when it comes to rolling and thats the hardest part.
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give us a link!!
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hey lenny, I have done them on the grill and in the oven, no big deal. however, you will have to watch for flare ups if on the grill. when in the oven, you can set on a grate, on top of a cake/pie pan and the fat will drip away and let the bacon get crisp. but make no mistake about it, they are better when smoked.
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