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Southern indiana boy

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hey guys im 26/yo im kinda new to the smokin scene iuve done ribs wout a few times.i have a chargrill with firebox and a water/charcoal attempting to do a butt this weekend dunno wich i should use tho ima read up on it a bit and give it a whirl from wat ive learned its all about trial n error........u guys hav a lot of good feedback
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Welcome to the SMF!! Butts are more forgiving that ribs if you make a cook to long, etc. Lots of good info on this forum....look around and if you have questions please ask. Take Jeff's free 5-day course too....lots of good info there. Good luck on your cook and be sure to take pics and post them for all to see!!
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Welcome to SMF. Where in in S. Indiana? I lived in Columbus for a couple of years. My dad goes there often on Business. He said they had it rough with the flooding.
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Evansville indiana
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Welcome to smf. You should take Jeff's 5 day course it free and may answer some of your questions
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Hey Onrg,

I used to live in Evansville and still have a little family there. You are the second new Hoosier to join today. I dont think it will matter which smoker you use. You should definitely check out Meowey's Basic Pulled pork stick at

I made some pulled pork before reading this and it was O.K. Now it is off the chart. Good luck and be sure to post pics when you smoke something.
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yes i read that and that is exactly wat im goin to do then "tweak" it from there..............when smokin a butt i find on the smoker witht he fire box i burn the coakls alot fast and its alot ohotter and with the water smoker its hard to keep at 225 250 but i dont go thru alot of coals wats the best wat to set each of them up
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Welcome southern Indiana Boy.
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Welcome to the SMF! E-town is nice. Not much Que unless you go south across the river, though.
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Welcome, Orng95,You are doing the right way, Just keep trying .Have on SMF!
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Welcome to the SMF, be sure and read Jeff's 5=day Ecourse. Great reading/review for all.
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Welcome to the forum orng from the North Side of town. Glad you found us. I know of at least 3-4 others in the area. We'll have to get together and trade some Que soon.
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Won't be a stranger

I've only been here a few weeks and have found so many wonderful tips and new ways of brain is welcome to smf just ask a ? it will get answered. can't wait to see your q-view
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