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New from Indiana

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Hello all,

Stumbled into this while researching a smoker on google. My name is Brian and I'm from Indiana. Just a beginner, in fact i haven't done any smoking other than one attempt using my choarbroil 3 burner grill as indirect heat.

I look forward to reading and learning all that there is out there.
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Hey ............ Welcome. Glad to see another smoker in Indiana. Good to have you here. Its a great site with lots of information. Glad you joined us.
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Hey Popovitz,

Good to have another Hoosier in here. I was like you just a short few months ago. I had only cooked with gas and then I got a Brinkmann charcoal smoker. Things have not been the same since. Still use the gas grill for burgers and steaks. Even got a nice gas smoker for Father's Day, but still go back to the ECB as it is called on this site. I think that you cannot go wrong with a cheap water smoker for your first unit. Good luck and do not be afraid to ask questions. Everyone in here is real friendly and helpful. No such thing as stupid questions.
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Welcome to the SMF!! Lots of good info on this site. Consider taking Jeff's 5-day free bbq course, and of course supporting this site by purchasing his rub and sauce...can't go wrong with it!! Welcome again!!
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Welcome and enjoy. I thought they all were kidding when they called smoking an addiction, but it definitely is!
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Welcome, the Hoosiers are invading today.
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Welcome to SMF Glad you joined us. ask any questions you may have someone will be along with an answer. All the folks here believe that the only dumb question is the one you don't ask
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Always great to have another Hoosier here.Welcome.
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Welcome Brian to the SMF. Neat place here.
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Welcome to the forum! Good to see so many Indiana peeps.
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Get ready for the ride of a lifetime. Smoking gets into your blood.
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