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Brand new

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Hello, everyone. I'm brand new to the forum though I've been visiting you guys for some time now. I'm 57 and about 3 or 4 years from retiring (depends on the price of gas, etc.) from a career in Maintenance in Public Education.

I grew up outdoors, I would fish 24/7 if that were physically possible but I've grown up with grills and smokers. Lost some of that in my middle years but now I'm aiming at those leisure times and one of the things I will be doing is "smokin'!". My favorite food; from the garden, the field or the water.

While I'm a descent "smoker", my expertize is a little behind and this is the best site on the Internet, I've found, for smokers to just spend time and share with other smokers. So I've signed up and hope to be adopted into this fine family of smoke infused epicureans.

Just fancy works for those who know what the flip they're doing at the smoker.

Right now, I'm limited to a gas fired grill and an electric water smoker but my wife knows first on my wish list is a side-box smoker, she knows where it is at, how much it costs and how to get it to our home.

My birthday is in November but I expect to see the smoker on my deck before that. I'm the cook in the house and she loves pulled pork.

Glad to be here.

You guys have a tonnage of info to share and we appreciate it.

Bob Martin
Blackgnat on this site.
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Bob, welcome to smf!!!! u gonna find whatever u need here. sign up for the free 5 day ecourse if ya think you need it. lookin forward to your first qveiw no matter what smoker it comes offa!!!!
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Welcome, this is the best site in the world to learn, and share.

Good luck in your smokes!
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Welcome Bob Martin"Blackgnat".
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Welcome to SMF Blackgnat- You will be able to improve your Q amazing amounts here in a short time. Wait till the wife gets some brisket or ribs that have been smoked to perfection! Enjoy!
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Welcome Blackgnat, and I for one will invite you into our fold. Enjoy and keep it hot!
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Glad to have ya with us Blackgnat!
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welcome to SMF Bob! u will not be disappointed. just ask a ? and get an answer. we love swapping tips--hope you get your new toy soon. can't wait to see some q-view.
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Hi Bob! Welcome to the SMF! There is tons of good info on these forums.

Check out Jeff's 5 day eCourse - good info in there for any level of smoking enthusiast, if not to confirm what you have been doing...


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Howdy Bob, welcome to the family. You have found the right place, ask any questions you have someone will be along with the answer.
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Thanks All

Yup, I was right, I picked the right place.
The Domestics (vicious virus, The Domestics) have me in bondage this weekend so ... no Q.
But I'm a "year-round" version, as I'm sure most of you are, and while the absolute best is off the smoke and rested, I have a vacuum sealer and a freezer to date and load my work (play - "No, Honey, I can't mow right now I'm cooking...").
I'll have questions and pictures coming. SMF is a hell of a back-up to have in your corner.

Is it just me or has this site installed Olfactory Software 1.0 because ... I smell smoke ...

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Welcome to the forum.

Hopefully the offset will be on your deck before you know it.

I just picked up a used New Braunfels in A+ condition the other day.
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Hey Bob.

Welcome to the SMF. Sounds like you have been bitten by the smokin bug. I'm Sorry, or Congratulations! However you want to look at it, at least you will be eating good. Look forward to your pics.
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Welcome to the SMF family. It is a great place full of smokin smart people.
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