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smoking pork

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smoked this today
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Little loin never hurt nobody! :{)
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did ya cure to make CB or just give it a good smokin? Either way it looks yummy!
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yes cb

washed full 7.5 boneless pork loin. cut it into thirds. took 2/3 cut like country style ribs. cured these 2 slabs for bacon. liberally rubbed mortions tender quick on both sides. put in plastic bag in ridge turning everyday until cured. after cured washed under running water and patted dry. smoked all lion (inculding 1/3 roast end) for 6-7 hrs, using wok mod (see smoker mod post) use 1/4 lump carcoal 1/2 hick chunks, 1/4 jd oak barrel chips. wrapped in foil and then wrapped in bath towel. placed in icechest for 5-6 hrs or until cool. took it out sliced it-fed some to daughter then took pics of the rest. (of course we enjoyed the rest after photo opt wink.gif) tastes better than it looks. sorry this is so long but i don't know how to shorten. thanks for asking.
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Looks good oak
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