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New to Forum From Oklahoma

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Hello all, I'm new to your forum. I'm from a little town in central Oklahoma. I own a small meat processing plant. I have been cutting meat for 26 years. I have 2 Southern Pride cookers in the plant. I use 2 FEC cookers when cooking compititions. I'm married with 3 childern all out of high school and all but 1 out of collage. Yes that does mean I'm broke.icon_smile.gif
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Welcome to the forum from another Okie, glad to have you aboard!!
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Welcome Butcher. Glad to have a butcher on board here.
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Glad you found the SMF, a great place to pickup good tips for free!
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From one Okie to another......Welcome to SMF
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Welcome to the forum.

What can you tell us about your brisket product? (It isn't advertising if I ask, right?)
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Hey Butcher,

Wow! A whole meat plant to go shopping in (lol). Welcome to the SMF. Sounds like you are just the kind of person we need in here. Competitive cooker and professional butcher. You've got every meat angle covered. Look forward to any input you have on future topics.
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Welcome to the SMF!! You've got all the equipment you need that's for sure!!
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welcome to SMF....from also another okie....
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Welcome to SMF. Glad you found us, lots of good folk here that are addicted to smoke cooking
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Butcher -- Welcome to the SMF. I look forward to reading your contribution.
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Fatback Joe, thats not what I joined for but before I start explaining let me check with someone here first. I joined because there seems to be alot of Okies on this forum and I like to listen to the talk about local cooks, as well as talk good compition cooking ( and I do alot of that).Thanks for the welcoma open arms and looking forward to visiting with everyone on the forum.
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welcome butcher... this is the place to bee.
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10-4 This is a nice forum. Hopefully you hang around a bit.
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Hello Butcher!!! Glad to have more experience here. We'll use some of your expertise if you don't mind sharing. Again -welcome!
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Greetings Okie

Welcome to SMF Okie Butcher! i'm from near tulsa.
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