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Need advice on ribs,shoulder for Block Party

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I am new to smoking meat and would greatly appreciate some advice. I got an electric Brinkman for Fathers day. So far I tried smoking (using Hickory) to smoke Ribs, whole chicken, pork shoulder. Ribs and chicken came out good (not great, but good) and the shoulder tasted good, but did not fall apart like I wanted it to. I smoked the ribs for 6 hours, the 5 lb shoulder for 8 and the 5 lb chicken for 3 hours.

I will be entertaining some guests at a block party on Saturday. I have purchased 3 racks of ribs and a 5 lb pork shoulder and what I would like to try is an long all-day 12 hours. I also would like to try a diff wood instead of the hickory and I know I dont like Mesquite. Some of the questions I have are:

1 - Is 12 hours too long for the ribs or can I smoke the ribs/shoulder together for the 12 hours without too much worry?

2 - Cannot seem to find apple wood chips here in Albany NY (which I find to be very ironic given all the apple orchards). I found a place that has Cherry and are those for pork? I think I recall reading somewhere that Cherry should be balanced by something that true?

3 - Should I occasionally spray the smoking meat with apple juice or apple cider vinegar and oil mix? How often?

4 - The wood chips seem to smoke for 60-90 mins. Should I keep adding chips after that or is that enough smoke? I wrap the water-soaked chips in foil. I have read in some places that the meat doesnt absorb much more smoke flavor after the first 90 mins.

5 - Is there any flavor added by putting the dry rub on 2-3 days in advance of smoking instead of just 1 day?

6 - Whats the opinion on using sand in the water tray instead of water? What about wet sand?

7 - should I brine the shoulder/ribs prior to smoking?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I plan on checking out the threads and the eguide to smoking in the meantime.

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Hey Dinozoot,

I totally agree with Texashunter. The 3-2-1 method for ribs cant be beat. I actually go more of a 2-2-.5 . As far as the butt goes, you should follow Meowey's sticky for for pulled pork. It cannot be beat. I am going to try Meowey's finishing sauce for the first time this weekend when I make my pork shoulder. If you do not have a digital probe thermometer, then you will definietly need one and possibly two. You have to cook a butt by temp, not time. Read up on the sticky and good luck this weekend.
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Welcome to the forum dinozoot! You got some quality advice already, nothing more I can really add. Good luck, it'll turn out fine!!!
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I agree with TH too, and now that you got all this great info... how 'bout an introduction in the Roll Call forum? It's kinda a tradition, and just polite.

Welcome to SMF.
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Thanks. I will try the 3-2-1 and head over to the roll call.
What is "Meowey's sticky"?
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Right at the top of the Pork forum..basic pulled pork...
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oh, right in front of my face..LOL. Thanks. Reminds me of how well I look for things in the fridge.
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Welcome. We post to serve...sometimes heh!
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Hey RichTee,

How do you put the link to another post in a current post? Do you do it under manage attachments? If I would have known how to do it, I would have put a link in for Dinozoot. Any advice would be welcome.

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Answer PM'd
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Hey Zoot, my wife would say that sounds just like me! Open door, call wife...."I cant find it!"
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