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Brisket did not take smoke???

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I attempted my first brisket this weekend, turned out incredibly well thanks to everyone here EXCEPT it did not take on the smoke i poured to it???? put smoke to it for approx. 5 to 6 hrs at 240 to 250 got it to 180 foiled it and put it back it to 200 and wrapped it in towels and in the cooler for an hour and a half to 2 hours.........was so tender and juicy but tasted more like roast beef than brisket........what did i do wrong?? Thanks to everyone for all the help!!!
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What kind of wood did you use and how much did you go through in that time?
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Strange. What was the wood you used? Also, seems like it went pretty big was it? Leads me to question the cooking temps ya mention.
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I used hickory with some apple wood mixed in used a combo of the really fine chips, regular chips and actual chunks, the packer weighed 9#'s my total on smoker time was about 10 hrs appr.
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Hmmm again you SURE on yer temps? I mean a 9 lb'er can go that quick... but my experience seems to say it takes about 14. Every hunk is different tho. I dunno man... it just don't add up, unless yer temps were too high and it got done too fast?
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Not to be argumentative (but that is part of it icon_evil.gif ) but I plan on 1 hour per pound on brisket at 250..........sounds right on the money by my experience.......but I do believe thermometers should be checked from time to time even if you think they are accurate.

The lack of smokiness is odd though especially with hickory as one of the woods.........I suppose some of it could just be dependant on your tastes though........what I consider smokey, you might not even register with your taste buds.
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Did you sample it right after you cooked it? I have found, and Joe Pigcicles has mentioned in other threads, that the meat tastes less smokey after I have spent all day surrounded by it.

It always tastes more smokey to me the day after which I originally attributed to the flavors resditributing but now I'm no longer sure.
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Thanks for the input guys........I am going to check my Therm on my smoker and see if it is on, theonly reason im believing it at this point is because the meat was so tender and juicy..........I like smoke flavor and lots of it, next one i do im going to really pour it to it hard and see what happens!! Thanks again !!
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Just remember to keep it thin n blue....
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what about the pink smoke ring, was there one? i've found on a few brisket's i've done that there is no smoke ring and the meat does have great tenderness and flavor, but lacks smoke flavor - despite cooking with adequate amounts of wood.

i think it has a lot to do with letting too much smoke escape your smoker through vents, etc.

though, i could be wrong on that count.
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Keep the exhaust open, you don't want to trap smoke in the smoker.
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we had 2 packers, 10 lbs each, 2 brisketts, 8 pounds each, this weekend, that ALL was done in 8 hours..........4 large hunks of meat, and NONE of em stalled.........go figure
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Those damn racing can't stop 'em.
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You can add more smoke flavor by using wood the entire time or using a stronger wood, like all hickory, but pouring on the smoke is probably not a good idea. If you burn too much wood at a time and the smoke gets thick and white, you may end up with creosote on your meat; not what you want.

As Rich said, keep the smoke thin and blue.
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crap my bad Joe.........2 packers, and 2 BUTTS.........
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That's ok, they have racing pigs too. biggrin.gif
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