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My sunday feast/q-view

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Fired up the smoker for a couple slabs of babybacks. Did 2-2-1 for the first time-came out great. Mixed in a couple spoonfuls of the rub i used with the apple juice that i poured into the foil during the middle step. Also had a whole chicken I thawed out the other day but didn't end up cooking so I threw that in. My wife saw Dutch's baked bean recipe on here so she mixed up her own version. Even through some abt's on for good measure. Everything was great-I owe it to this forum. Thanks to every one for the ideas and information.
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Hey Wutang,

Sounds like we had a very similar Sunday. I made 2 racks of Baby Backs, 2 whole Beer-Butt chickens, and some ABT's. Had family over and just didnt take the time to take pics. Everything turned out great and like you, I feel I owe it all to the SMF. This site has helped me make food that is better than any restaurant can make. Looks like you had as good of a day as I did.

Take care.
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nice lookin smokerfrull!!! great job!!!
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Nice feast Wutang.
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Nice job! This is the best place to learn. If you Can't learn here than you aren't probably teachable.

Good luck in your future smokes.
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Feast is the right word there. Great job. Have yet to do whole chicken (can't stop doing butts). I'm sure the family left happy and full.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I wanted to do Beer-Butt chicken but the top rack on my smoker (the one the beans are on in the pics) doesn't allow enough clearance for a chicken to stand up when the lid is shut. I could take the rack off but would not have enough room for the beans. Cooked the chicken breast side down and just left it alone for 5 hours-came out really good. My wife draped a couple extra pieced of bacon on the top when we put the abts on. gotta love a woman that loves bacon
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Looks good!!! What type smoker are you using?
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It is a GrillPro brand horizontal offset smoker. It is pretty similar in design to some of the Chargriller brand smokers I see. I have only had it a couple months and love it so far. Use it to smoke on the weekends and use it to grill during the week.
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Hmmm by golly I think he's gettin' it! Nice!
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LMAO! Way to go ! That's kinda like me....looking for ANYTHING to smoke. LQQKS great!
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Hey Wutang,

When I saw your pics, I thought "Wow, I wish I had that smoker". I only did my chickens Beer Butt style to save space in my smoker. I have been eyeballing a Chargriller Pro that looks just like yours. It will be a while yet, but someday in the future I will graduate to an offset smoker. However, this weekend, I think I am gonna go old school and smoke a pork shoulder in my ECB.

Hopefully I will remember to snap some pics.
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Thanks for the compliment on the smoker. Here is a better pic of the whole smoker
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Good looking smoke there wutang and nice smoker. Just don't let the drippings stain your deck. Might want to get ya a catch can or mat.
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I usually put a couple of disposable tin foil pans under the meat in the main chamber. I learned that lesson after doing some chicken qtrs the first weekend I had it and cleaned chicken goo puddles off the deck for the next couple grillouts.
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good job bud PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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