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My name is Rachelle, and I want to learn to smoke meats and fish. I loved the eCourse! So much to learn!....
Right now I have a grill that at one time was a Gas grill, the burner and controls have been removed, and we use it as a Charcoal grill.
I hope ya'll don't mind if once in a while I askeek.gif a dumb question!
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Ask away. Most here friendly and knowledgable and willing to help. Welcome to the forum. You will eventually need a smoker but you will find everything from do it yourself projects to big rigs costing thousands. Watch and ask and you will find one that suits your needs. Good Luck
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Hello Painterslady and a hearty welcome to the SMF! We're so glad you're here. There are truly some very experienced smokers here and as the old saying goes, "The only dumb question is the one not asked." So any time you have one, fire away. Oh yes, glad you took the ecourse. I agree that there is an awfully lot of great information there. We can thank Jeff for that. Welcome aboard and we hope to here from you often.
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Welcome to the SMF ... ask those questions.
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Hello Rachelle, and welcome to SMF! The grill you have can most likely be coaxed into smoking, but there's several lo-buck smokers out there that can make your life easier... look into an ECB and can use the charcoal you already stock for the grill.

We're here to help!
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Fishing, huh?? And just what do you fish for in the great state of Utah?
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Welcome aboard and glad you joined us here..................Feel free to ask anything, the only dumb question is the one not asked................
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Welcome to SMF...............Let me tell ya this while I am at it.....The only dumb question is the one that doesn't get asked........Any question you have will be greeted and answered with more answers than u can ever imagine....Thats what it's about here......ur in the right place.....Welcome and enjoy
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Hey Painterslady,

I agree with Richtee, your grill can smoke but will take a little more tending. Just use the offset cooking method and throw a few chunks of hickory on your lump charcoal. With practice, you should have success. I also agree that, if you can afford it, a Brinkmann upright charcoal smoker would be so much better. It is only about $50 at Loew's/home Depot. I have one and I love it. Glad you joined and definetly ask questions. Everyone here is very friendly and helpful.
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Welcome to SMF. This is THE place to be.
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Welcome Rach -
Cool place.
Check out a search on Cold Smoke for fish.
You'll probably like it.

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welcome to smf rachelle!!!! glad to have ya and bein you took the ecourse already cant wait for u to share your first smoke as a member with some qview!!! any ques ask away!!!
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Welcome Rachelle.
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Welcome to SMF. You found the right place to learn. Be forewarned that smoke cooking is an addiction with no cure, Just ask any of us addicts on the forum. Glad you joined us and ask all the questions you have someone will be along with an answer.
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Welcome Rachelle, lots of good info here for you.
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There are NO dumb questions, just Dumb answers, Rachelle. But no-one here does that though!LOL!Welcome to SMF
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Welcome to the group!! Ask away, this is definitely the place for answers!!
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